The second episode of “Game of Thrones” continues with the planning of Daenerys’ conquest of Westeros and Cersei gathering allies to fight against Daenerys. Here are some of the most memorable moments from the episode.

Greyworm and Missandei

During their strategizing in the Chamber of the Painted Table, Tyrion planned that they will lay siege on the capital by surrounding the city on all sides. He then proposed that the Unsullied will be taking Casterly Rock.

After the meeting, Missandei visited Greyworm to bid him farewell before he goes to Casterly Rock.

He told her that she is his only weakness. He explained that the Good Masters of Astapor made sure that the Unsullied have nothing to fear. He added that he was never the best, but he was the most fearless – until he met Missandei. She replied that she too feels the same way. The two kissed and shared an intimate moment.

Greyscale treatment

At the Citadel, Sam refused to give up on Jorah after he found out that he is the son of Jeor Moromont (the late Lord Commander of Night’s Watch) and his discovery of an old maester’s successful treatment of greyscale.

Jorah was writing a letter to Daenerys telling her of how he can longer be cured and how he’s loved her since then. Sam barged into Jorah’s cell told him “you’re is not dying today.” Sam explained to him the treatment that Maester Pylos’ did – Pylos also died of greyscale according to Archmaester Ebrose.

Jorah consented to the treatment which included scraping off the infected skin and applying an ointment. The scene introduced one the grossest scenes in the series.

Battle of the Greyjoys

A part of Tyrion’s plan, the Iron Fleet was tasked to take Ellaria Sand and her daughters back to Dorne to take the Dornish Army to King’s Landing to lay siege to the capital.

The Iron Fleet are on their way to Dorne when Euron and his fleet attacked Yara and Theon’s fleet.

Tyene Sand retreated below the deck with her mother Ellaria and attacked as many men as she could. Obara and Nymeria fought against Euron’s Ironborn until Euron killed Obara by impaling her with her own spear and he strangled Nymeria with her whip.

When Ellaria and Tyene were overwhelmed by the Ironborn, they were taken captives – probably the gifts that Euron promised to Cersei from “Dragonstone”.

Yara saw her ships burning in the Narrow Sea, and she fought against her uncle. Euron had the upper hand and held Yara hostage. He teased Theon to come and save Yara who had an axe on her throat. Theon, surrounded by torturing pain, dead men, and wounded me, was reminded of Ramsay Bolton’s torture methods used on him.

To Yara’s, and some fans’, disappointment, Theon jumped overboard the ship. Euron laughed at Theon’s action and began sailing towards King’s Landing.

Other moments:

  • Daenerys extended an invitation to Jon Snow to come to Dragonstone to bend the knee after Melissandre tells her of him.
  • Jon Snow will be going to Dragonstone for dragonglass and to accept Daenery’s invitation, and left Sansa in charge of Winterfell.
  • Maester Qyburn showed Queen Cersei a ballista that can pierce through a dragon.
  • Arya, who is now heading North, is reunited with Hot Pie and Nymeria.
  • Littlefinger told Jon that he loves Sansa the same way he loved Catelyn Stark, Jon grabbed him by the throat. Jon warned him that he will him if he approaches Sansa again.