Trinidadian singer-songwriter Nicki Minaj has been showing off his cozy moments with her rumored boyfriend Canadian rapper Drake, who also dated Barbadian singer Rihanna. She’s been posting photos of them and even gushes about him following his celebrity football game last month. There was one photo that she posted, which caught fans’ attention where he’s looking at her infamous butt. RiRi is reportedly hurt over her ex-boyfriend’s shenanigans despite the fact that she is now dating Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel. What’s more interesting is that Nicki’s flaunting of her flirtatious time with the rapper is allegedly to make RiRi jealous and angry at the same time.

Why would Nicki do that?

A member of the Nicki Minaj glam squad recently told Hollywood Life that she is purposely doing it to avenge her feud with rapper Remy Ma, where Rihanna took the latter’s side. Apparently, she’s still mad about it and doesn’t just settle that easy if she can’t get even with the Barbadian beauty. “[She's] having fun with Drake and knowing that their situation bothers [RiRi] just makes it that much better,” says the insider. “She wants [RiRi] to know about her hook-ups with Drake. It’s a power move. Otherwise [she] would keep it totally quiet, she only lets people see what she wants them to see.”

Alright, that sounds harsh for Nicki Minaj to take revenge on Rihanna following her feud with Remy Ma.

However, there are fans that are not quite certain about Nick’s retaliation against RiRi especially that the Barbadian singer is reportedly jealous. It can be recalled the Canadian rapper was reportedly furious about RiRi dating Hassan Jameel, who is worth $1.5 billion. So, other fans can’t help but believe that Drake has finally taken revenge on her by dating Nick this time.

Nonetheless, most fans hope that small things like this won’t be taken seriously by RiRi in order to keep things peaceful.

Nick’s music, relationship and controversies

Nicki Minaj started her feud with Remy Ma in 2007 over her freestyle record “Dirty Money.” They both dissed each other through their songs as revenge, where Remy vowed that she will get even once she’s out of prison.

She also had a feud with veteran rapper Lil’ Kim, who accused her of copying his style and image. She and Miley Cyrus also had conflict in 2015 over her alleged impolite behavior. In 2016, she also dissed Cyrus in a remix to a track titled “Down in the DM.”

Before meeting Drake, Nicki Minaj dated rapper Meek Mill in 2015 but ended her relationship with him in January 2017. In her song “All Things Go,” the Trinidadian beauty revealed that she had an abortion when she was only a teenager.