The return of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” is highly anticipated and it’s getting close. Netflix has released the second season’s trailers, posters, and details. In the final trailer for Season 2, it has been confirmed that Eleven is alive and back in the real world.

Fans are digging around for more details since the Season 1 ended and on what’s to happen in the upcoming season. Questions and conspiracy theories are everywhere on the internet, here are some.

Hopper and Eleven

Chief Jim Hopper worked with Joyce Byer to look for Will in the majority of Season 1.

Fans eventually learned that Sara, Hopper’s daughter, died from cancer. After his daughter’s death, he became reserved and cynical and developed and a drinking habit.

Many fans suggest that Eleven is Sara and his daughter. However, a more popular theory suggests that Sara didn’t really die of cancer. Sara Hopper was taken and subjected to experiments like, and maybe with, Eleven. Fans explain that there is a possibility that the government faked Sara’s death, like with Will, as a cover when they took her to the facility.

Monsters and pumpkins

In the opening of Season 1, while the Will, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin were playing Dungeons & Dragons, they encounter the Demogorgon in the game. Later in the season, a monster escaped the Upside Down and terrorizes Hawkins – which the gang called Demogorgon.

In the season 1 finale, while the gang was playing Dungeons & Dragons again, they encounter a new monster, the Thessalhydra. Fans think that the Shadow Monster from the posters and trailers is the multi-headed Thessalhydra.

The rotting pumpkin patch in the trailer and posters are believed to be little baby monster eggs hatching in the Upside Down.

Fans are hoping for more details about the pumpkin patch on the third episode of the season called “The Pumpkin Patch”.

Inside the head

There are many theories about the Upside Down. Some think Eleven tore a hole in the space-time continuum and that the Upside Down is the post-apocalyptic future of Hawkins. One of the popular theories is that the Upside Down is inside Eleven’s head.

Fans think that when Eleven was taken to the facility, she created Demogorgon as a byproduct of her traumatic experience. Fans explain that the Upside Down reflects Eleven’s mental state. The theory is a possible explanation to why Eleven referred to herself as the monster in the first season.

Other fans think that the Upside Down is inside Will. Will spent time in the Upside Down and some fans suggest that the monsters are using Will as an incubator for its spawns – which also explains Will coughing up a slug in the Season One finale.

All the questions and theories will be answered on October 27, when “Stranger Things” return on Netflix.