The past seasons in “Game of Thrones” showed us just how much Jorah Mormont loves Daenerys Targaryen, so much so, that he swallowed his pride and returned to her even after she banished him.He also fulfilled her command to find a cure for his greyscale so he could return to her. Now that we are in Season 7, we see that love is still intact when he met her again with the hope that this time, she would reciprocate his feelings. However, will Jorah ever win Daenerys’ heart? (This article contains spoilers)

Jorah has competition over Daenerys’ affection

Jorah and Daenerys have known each other for years (since Season1) and the Mother of Dragons practically grew up before his eyes.

One would think that the memories they shared together and the closeness that developed between them would become a basis for what could possibly be a blossoming romance. Perhaps Jorah Mormont thinks that his special relationship with the Mother of Dragons gives him an edge over winning her heart.

However, another man comes between his intentions to woo her. Jon Snow becomes that competition as far as what we saw in the past episodes of “Game of Thrones” Season 7. There is definitely sexual tension in the way Daenerys and the King of the North regard each other. Fans sensed this during their conversation in the Dragonglass cave in Episode 4.

Likewise, what Daenerys told Jon before he left Dragonstone for The Wall is rather cryptic of her newfound affection for the king.

She replied, “I’ve grown used to him,” when Jon said that if he does not return then at least she “won’t have to deal with the King of the North anymore.” Jorah also somehow sensed that there is something going on between Jon Snow and Daenerys. This was hinted in the way he looked at Jon after he bid Daenerys goodbye in Episode 5 (see video below).

The good thing is Jorah still holds a special place in Daenerys’ heart as a loyal and trusted friend.

Jorah faces his demise in 'Game of Thrones' Season 7

Jorah Mormont may never get the chance to woo Daenerys at all. Just when he got the chance to spend more time with her, he decided to join Jon on his mission to catch a White Walker.

To make matters worse, he may never get the opportunity to tell her that he loves her. As far as spoilers for Season 7 from The Dradon and the Wolf goes, Jorah dies in Episode 7. Euron kills him. This happens during a meeting with Cersei when Jon and company try to convince her to join the battle against the White Walkers.