Jon learns that the White Walkers are marching North, and Davos meets Gendry in “Game of Thrones” season 7, Episode 5, “Eastwatch.” Meanwhile, Tyrion tries to persuade his brother Jaime to join forces with Daenerys.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for episode 5. Read at your own risk.

Davos reunites with Gendry

The last time we saw Gendry, he escaped by boat after Stannis Baratheon tried to kill him for his blood, per Mellisandre’s orders. There has been no word on his fate since then until this season when Davos sees him in an armory in Kings Landing.

Gendry leaves with Davos, bringing with him a hammer he forged himself. The weapon bears the Baratheon sigil. Davos happens to be in Kings Landing with Jon and Tyrion for a secret meeting with Jamie Lannister, which Tyrion made happen with the help of Bronn.

Jon Snow receives word about the White Walkers

Bran wargs into several ravens and sends some beyond the Wall to check on the progress of the White Walkers. He immediately sends one of the ravens to Dragonstone to warn Jon Snow that the army of the dead and the Night King are marching North. He also tells Jon that he and Arya are back at Winterfell. Jon is happy to hear about his siblings’ return, although according to spoilers from The Dragon and the Wolf, he does not reunite with them yet in season 7.

Jon captures a White Walker

Jon Snow must act fast if he wants to convince the Lannisters and the other kingdoms to join him in the battle against the wights. To do this, he must find proof of their existence, so he goes back to the Wall with Davos, Gendry, and Jorah. There he reunites with Tormund who takes him to the ice cells of the Hound and the Brotherhood Without Banners.

Jon tells the men about his plan to go beyond the wall to capture a White Walker, and they all agree to join him.

Jon reveals captured wight to Lannisters in season 7, episode 7

Jon Snow meets with Cersei, Jaime, Daenerys, Euron, and Bronn in Dragonpit where he brings with him a cage covered with cloth. He asks the Lannisters for help in the fight against the White Walkers.

Cersei does not believe about their existence and orders for her men to fight Dany’s soldiers instead. A fight ensues to which Jon decides to unleash the White Walker which he kept in the cage. Cersei sees the devastation the wight brings after it kills everything in its sight. She then lies and tells Jon that she will send her soldiers to the North to battle the army of the dead.