Chelsea DeBoer is one of the "Teen Mom 2" stars who share the least from her life on social media. Chelsea has become a very private person after she realized just how harsh and unfair the viewers from "Teen Mom 2" could be. Throughout filming the show, DeBoer has put a lot of emphasis on making things work with her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, as she wanted Aubree to have a family with both a father and a mother. Despite Adam's constant comments about Aubree being a mistake, Chelsea is now moving on with another man, and she recently got married and had another child.

Compared to some of her co-stars, Chelsea is one of the stars who share the least on social media and based on recent comments on her Instagram page; it may make sense as to why she is not an active person on social media. When Chelsea recently shared a picture of her son Watson Cole, one person wrote that he was the ugliest child ever.

'Ugliest child.'

"WRIST ROLLS," DeBoer wrote to a picture she shared of Watson, to which one person wrote, "Honestly the ugliest child."

The comment seemed to come out of nowhere, and there wasn't any jokes or emoticons to perhaps indicate that the comment was a joke and came from one of her friends. The comment appeared to be a viewer who genuinely thought that Watson was one of the ugliest children ever.

The comment was unnecessary and should be deleted at this point.

It makes sense that Chelsea wouldn't want to share too much of her personal life if this is the way that her fans are replying to her messages and social media posts. Ever since she gave birth to Watson Cole, there has only been a handful of posts about him, and she is not posting nearly as much about her son as Jenelle Evans is doing about her daughter.

The two babies were born just days apart, and yet Jenelle has posted more about Ensley than Chelsea has about Watson.

Will she remove her kids from Instagram?

Based on the reactions she received on her Instagram page, it makes sense that she isn't opening up about her children and her personal life on social media all that much.

It is clear that she isn't thrilled about these random comments and it seems completely unnecessary to call her infant the ugliest baby ever. It makes sense as to why Chelsea and some of the other "Teen Mom 2" stars don't want to keep filming the show forever. One can imagine that all of these negative comments do take a toll after a while.

What do you think about this person calling Watson called the ugliest baby? What do you think causes a person to write such a comment to a reality star?