Game of ThronesSeason 7 finale titled “The Dragon and the Wolf” is just two days away. When the final episode unfolds, it will unleash a barrage of significant events. These include one or two major deaths, a huge revelation, a much-anticipated faceoff, but most important of all, it may show Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally making out, something that has got fans excited and had also rattled a good number of viewers as Dany is Jon's aunt.

#Boatsex trending on discussion forums

While it might seem a bit sudden for Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen to hook up but there are strong chances that it is going to happen on the boat that set sail from Eastwatch in the sixth episode and had Dany and Jon sharing a tender moment inside.

#Boatsex has been doing the rounds of different “Game of Thrones” discussion forums for a while and if fans remember, spoilers about season 7 also spoke about this detail. Also, the coming together of ice and fire has been hinted many a time in the last few episodes in this season.

Davos had teased Jon about having developed a liking for Dany and when Jon left for his mission, Dany bid him an emotional farewell saying that she had grown used to him. Even Jorah talking about Jon Snow’s children was a strong indicator of Dany-Jon coming together. As for the two sharing aunt-nephew relationship, incest is common among Targaryens and the charm of Jon and Dany has been so strong that audiences do not mind this glitch.

Deaths, Cleganebowl, reunion and much more to mark finale

Apart from Jon-Dany romance, “The Dragon & the Wolf” is also expected to bring up some major events that have been on the list of speculations for a long time. The most satisfying of them would be Littlefingers’ death and it is imminent. Sansa and Arya might be quarreling but the sisters have grown too wise in all these years and it could be a part of their plan to wipe off the Machiavellian Lord.

Cleganebowl too has bright chances as The Hound is coming to the King’s Landing with the captured wight and his troupe.

If Cersei goes berserk and decides to kill her enemies, it would definitely lead to a faceoff between the two brothers. However, King’s Landing could also become the meeting ground for Tyrion, Bronn, and Podrick who share a lovely past.

Sadly, in the North, the protective Wall might come down as the Night King has grown even more powerful after animating Viserion. Last but not the least, Jon Snow’s parentage would be revealed as Bran could use his powers to uncover the secret wedding of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.