Taylor Swift has come up with her new single “Look What You Made Me Do” from her upcoming album “Reputation” and it seems like it is aimed at Kanye West with whom she had been involved in a feud in the past. The song does not contain his name but has a reference to a tilted stage and West did use one during his recent tour. So, it has led to rumors that the song is targeted at him. What is more, rumors of Swift patching up with Katy Perry and attending the upcoming MTV VMA are flying around at the same time.

New single talks about tilted stage of Kanye West

The latest single released by Taylor Swift from her sixth album “Reputation” is acerbic in tone and follows the direction that the Grammy-winning singer took in 2014. In fact, it is darker and only carries forward the vengeful tone she adopted in “Bad Blood.” The song has her addressing her foe and saying that she does not like the foe’s little games and the titled stage. Well, if fans remember, Kanye West made use of a tilted stage in his latest Saint Pablo tour and the song does seem to indicate that Swift is aiming at him with this track.

As for why Kanye and Taylor are feuding, it started last year when West’s single “Famous” was released and carried some derogatory lyrics about Swift, mentioning her name and claiming that the rapper made the pop star famous.

Swift had denounced the lyrics and also termed it misogynistic but things took a different turn when West’s wife Kim Kardashian released a video after a few months. The video seemed to show that Swift knew about the lyrics and had given her approval for the same during a recorded phone call with Kanye.

Fight with Katy Perry on the back burner

While Taylor Swift’s latest song targets Kanye West, rumors are afloat that she has buried her old hatched with Katy Perry and they will be attending the MTV Video Music Awards that is scheduled to take place on Aug. 27. It will be hosted by Katy Perry and it is being said that Swift will also be present at the event as both have let bygones be bygones.

However, the producer of the event has said that as far as he knows, it is not happening.

Well, Taylor Swift has been nominated for best collaboration with Zayn Malik for their track “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” from “Fifty Shades Darker.” So, her fans hope that she would be present at the event. Also, the fact that Katy Perry has said that she is open to burying the beef makes fans hopeful of a reconciliation between the two popular songstresses. Nevertheless, nothing is certain and thus, fans would have to keep their fingers crossed and hope for the best.