“Fear The Walking Deadseason 3 mid season premiere took place this last Sunday and saw a lot of drama with tussles and confusion wracking the characters. Nick hallucinated about Troy as the guilt of killing his father weighed him down. Madison embarked on a journey with Walker to find water and fights broke out at the ranch after the shortage of water came to light. So, the episode was pretty chaotic, and now showrunner Dave Erickson has said that the coming episodes will see more of bloodshed and chaotic drama. In fact, Troy will also appear in the coming times, but the good part is that everyone will reconnect by the end of the current season.

Troy to come back to bite Madison

In a recent interview, Dave Erickson said that the ninth episode saw Madison doing something that was against her nature. She has been left devastated by the knowledge that Nick killed Jeremiah to save her. The killing has impacted her deeply and therefore when she exiles Troy, she takes a path that she has not taken before. The queer intimacy between her and Troy has made her take a decision that is unlike of a leader that she has become. Hence, it might come back to bite her and so, there is sure to be more of Troy in the times to come.

Nick haunted by Troy

Erickson also said that Nick is not in a proper state of mind after the killing and the hallucination that he had about Troy was a hint that he is feeling guilty.

This, despite the fact that Troy is not a nice person. So, it is an indicator that Nick has moved closer to darkness and self-destruction. Notably, Troy now knows that it was Nick who killed his father and he has grown revengeful, but even after the trouble that he has created, Madison has been mild with him. She spared his life, and it is going to prove dangerous, not just to her but others as well.

He would wreak more damage when he returns.

Season 3 next half to about reconnecting

Erickson also said that the next half of the third season of “Fear The Walking Dead” would see everyone coming together. The coming episodes will award everyone with a common cause and reunite them.

The family will assemble, but the changes that the separation has caused in their personalities would have an impact on the reunion.

The coming together would not be harmonious in every way, and audiences should get ready to see more blood and zombies. Also, as the story proceeds, Alicia and Nick will also move forward and find out a way to protect themselves as well as others.