Hackers who allegedly targeted HBO's "Game of Thrones" were believed to be the reasons behind series' scripts to leak online. The network was left surprised after learning that they had been the victim of the recent Cyber Attack. Amid the hacking incident, it has been reported by E! News that some of the series' scripts and upcoming episodes have started to surface online.

It has been reported that hackers have approximately stolen about 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO. Apparently, the recent cyber attack has been a warning call for the different networks to be a lot tighter with their security system.

It was further revealed that scripts for the upcoming episodes, "Baller" and "Room 104," have just started rounding on the social media.

Cyber incident

In the recent reports from E! News, it has been confirmed that one of the giant networks like HBO has been the recent victim of the cyber incident. The network has further confirmed in their statement that the hacking attack has affected the "Game of Thrones" proprietary information a lot. For the meantime, HBO has revealed that they are now investigating what happened and the law enforcers are now working on their tightened cyber security.

HBO has also added that data protection is now their top priority in order to protect other shows which are slated to air as well.

As the statement ended, HBO added that "we take our responsibility seriously to protect the data we hold."

Company-wide email

Amid the cyber attack, HBO has sent a company-wide email in order to inform each one about the cyber incident which took place on Monday. However, the network hasn't revealed any details yet on what the hackers have stolen particular data from them.

Richard Plepler, HBO Chairman and CEO, has stated that the intrusive attack has apparently affected the network, most probably, "Game of Thrones." He considered it being disruptive and disturbing to everyone in the network.

Plepler has also assured everyone that the HBO technology team is currently working round-the-clock in order to protect the network more.

As the HBO's CEO ended his email, he further stated that such hacking incident was only a kind of challenge that they have to face. Further, he believed that everyone from the network would be able to navigate their way through it successfully.

Apparently, the recent cyber attack has been HBO's second major leak for years. To recall, the network was also hacked back in 2015 which made the "Game of Thrones" season 5 to circulate online before its premiere.