Patrick Dempsey and wife Jillian celebrated their 18 years of marriage on Monday. The couple took to Instagram and shared a sweet photo of them together. Further, Dempsey, the former "Grey's Anatomy" star, has posed for a photo as he kissed her wife on her cheek. On the caption, his wife wrote, "Through thick and thin... I love you~ wifey." Meanwhile, Jillian also wished her husband the best on their 18th year of being together.

Sweet note

As per a report from US Magazine, Jillian took to Instagram and has written a sweet message to her loving husband.

Apparently, the couple has proven time and again that love is a lot sweeter the second time around when they almost headed to divorce back in 2015. However, love has won over anger and this helped the couple reconcile. Both were also photographed together in Paris that same year.

Dempsey tied the knot with Jillian on July 31, 1999, and the couple has been blessed with three children. Despite the fact that their relationship has hit some bumps in the road recently, their marriage has held strong. Their fans and followers on social media have praised them both for being strong and for sticking together for 18 years long.

Love wins

Amid the divorce rumors in 2015, it was also reported by US Magazine that the former "Grey's Anatomy" actor took responsibility for that filed divorce.

He further revealed that he was in the midst of midlife crisis and it had affected their relationship a lot. Nevertheless, despite their relationship problems, true love won after all. It was further believed that the couple has kept their love alive for each other.

While working on "Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2," it was reported that Patrick Dempsey and Jillian had chosen to reconcile, not only for themselves but for their children as well.

In one of his interviews, the actor has also told numbers of reporters that a relationship has to be worked by both parties since no one can do it alone. He was also very happy to announce last year that they were back together again.

As they celebrated their 18th year together, their followers couldn't help but wish the couple with more love for each other.

It seemed that their relationship has finally been back on track. To recall, the couple had also shared some of their photos as they enjoyed a short vacation last April. As Dempsey added, his vacation will always appear more beautiful when he spends it with his wife.