Be careful: spoilers on "Game of Thrones" season 7 episode 3 will follow! In the last episode of the show more than one character has died and guess what? Somebody will die in episode 3 as well. Moreover, the upcoming episode will feature another battle scene: the Unsullied attack on King's Landing. The following spoilers are based on "awayforthelads" and "Frikidoctor"'s leaks.

Who is going to die in "The Queen's Justice"

At least two well-known characters will die on Sunday on HBO. In the last episode, two Sand Snakes died during Euron's bloody assault on Yara's fleet, but Tyene is still alive.

Euron will take her in King's Landing along with her mother Ellaria. As you may easily guess, Cersei hasn't forgotten Myrcella's murder. She will have both the Dornish women chained in the King's Landing's dungeon, and her revenge will take inspiration from what Ellaria did to her daughter.

According to what "Frikidoctor" reported, Cersei will put some ointment on her lips and gives Tyene the kiss of death. Ellaria punishment will be to watch helplessly as her beautiful daughter dies.

We don't know what Cersei is going to do with Ellaria, but one thing is for sure: the Lannister-Targaryen war just began, and Dorne is already on its knees.


According to the leakers, Olenna is the major character who is going to die in "The Queen's Justice." The Lannister army led by Jaime will conquer Highgarden, which is a huge victory in the war for the Iron Throne.

Jaime himself will speak to Lady Olenna. He will hand her a cup of poison and the Queen of Thorns, before drinking it, will admit she has killed Joffrey.

Casterly Rock: here's why nobody should underestimate the Lannisters

If you thought Daenerys would have conquered the Seven Kingdoms without effort, you haven't been paying attention to previous seasons of the show!

This is "Game of Thrones". We're always going to be surprised. Thanks to Tyrion's knowledge of the Lannister's Castle, the Unsullied will enter Casterly Rock, but they will discover almost nobody is at home. In the meanwhile, someone will attack their ships, getting them stranded. Tyrion's operation will be a disaster.

Are the spoilers legit?

Both the leakers proved to be right on several occasions. We cannot be 100 percent sure about their predictions, but it's very likely that what I reported is going to happen in the next episode.

Don't forget: "Game of Thrones" season 7 episode 3 airs on July 30, on HBO.