We’ve been hearing the word epic quite a lot these days, but that word seemed to be the most appropriate word to describe every episode of "#Game of Thrones." Now on its seventh season, the show topples records one episode after another. We are talking about records which the show also registered by itself.

"Game of Thrones" 'Spoils of War' episode alone registered all-time high ratings of 10.2 million viewers when it aired August 6. Note that said episode has been leaked prior to its official air date which apparently happened again to ‘gotEpisode 6 on Tuesday.

The question now is how will Jeremy Podeswa make “GOT” S07 E07 more epic than the show’s previous and instant-classic episodes?

Size and scope of Episode 7

On his recent interview with the Newsweek, Jeremy Podeswa revealed that Episode 7 will be "Game of Thrones’ longest –ever episode. The finale will log between 81 to 82 minutes air time which is basically the length of a feature movie.

Moreover, the director cannot reveal more due to potential leak but he has mentioned that “it will have fans talking long and loud.” Long because the show might not return until 2019 and loud because they’ll have to talk it off to remain relevant with the “GOT” storyline.

Meanwhile, Fansided anointed Podeswa as a master of moods.

He is responsible for "Game of Thrones’ most emotionally-charged episodes like, “Kill the Boy,” “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken,” and “Home.” He also meticulously laid blue prints for Seasons 6 with Jon Snow’s resurrection in “The Red Woman” and Season 7 with Arya’s perfect assassination of House Frey’s bloodline in “Dragonstone.”

Who will die in ‘GOT’ S07 E07?

How will Jeremy Podeswa end "Game of ThronesSeason 7 remains a mystery.

Being the most watched and pirated television series of all time, “GOT” fans are able to rely on book prophecies and theories for potential spoilers.

Although the "Game of Thrones" Season 7 Episode 6’s central team is Daenery’s return to her Dragonstone home, Podeswa was able to shed light on the Frey’s treachery and the Stark’s wolf pack principle.

When Arya served her vengeance, she rushed towards King Landing to kill Cersei. But she returned home after learning that Jon Snow is alive.

At Winterfell, Her, Sansa and Bran had a reunion while Jon is on a mission. Now that the control of Winterfell is back to the Stark siblings, one enemy lurks behind his conniving antics – Petyr Baelish. Littlefinger is behind Ned’s beheading back when he was an advisor to Queen Regent Cersei. He also married Sansa to the Bolton's and coveted for Catelyn’s affection.

With his multiple sins against the Starks, justice is long-overdue. Remember: “Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe...” Now, we have three (and a half).