Superstar Paris Hilton has come forward and stated that she is ready to have her first child. Hilton is currently seeing Chris Zylka and has claimed that she believes having a child together would be the next step for them to take as a couple. Hilton showed some of her natural competitive edge when she compared her life to her younger sisters who is already a mother of one.

The star has admitted that she is keen to have kids with her current boyfriend

According to the Daily Mail, Paris Hilton has expressed her desire to have a child with her current boyfriend Chris Zylka and has admitted that she wants to catch up with her Younger Sister.

The stars younger sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild already has one daughter named Lily and is pregnant with her second child.

The 36-year-old has publicly declared that she is ready to take her relationship with Chris to the next level. For Hilton, this means having a child together. She stated that when she was working as a DJ at a children's charity event in Ibiza she began thinking more seriously about having her own children.

Hilton expressed that she had a great time being with her boyfriend Chris and surrounded by children. Paris talked about the pure joy and innocence on the children's faces and has claimed that this is something that she wants in her own life. Paris has also explained that Chris loves children as much as she does though he has made no comment on Paris' claims that they will be having a child together.

It appears that Paris Hilton may be getting slightly carried away. The star has stated that she would love her niece to have a cousin soon but as of yet, there has been no word from Chris Zylka about his own thoughts surrounding having a child.

Hilton is currently busy with her career and fans wonder if she would have the time for a child

According to Maire Claire, Paris Hilton is extremely busy with her work as she has been promoting her new fragrance as well as booking various DJ gigs. Hilton first began her career when she moved from New York to Los Angeles and began to be photographed with her sister at parties.

Hilton soon turned this into a lucrative career by turning to the modeling industry and has been moving upwards ever since.

While Hilton has expressed a desire to start a family, fans are wondering if the busy business woman would have the time to raise a child. Hilton is constantly on the go and is getting more involved in her DJ career and while fans can appreciate her desire to become a parent they are wondering if it would work out for the business model.

Paris Hilton has not stated that she will be having a child soon and has confirmed that she is looking forward to the future when her dream will become a reality.