The Young and the Restless” spoilers reveal that Victor Newman [Eric Braeden] has twice the reasons to hate Jack Abbott [Peter Bergman] lately. First, Jack is canoodling with Victor’s wife Nikki Newman [Melody Thomas Scott] and second, Jack is targeting Brash & Sassy to take down Victoria Newman [Amelia Heinle]. The Mustache needs to hit Jack where it hurts, and that means with family.

Victor gets a new ally

“Y&R” spoilers for August 22 from Soap Opera Digest promise that Victor solidifies a new alliance and it might be with Dina Mergeron [Marla Adams].

When Dina first came to town, she met with Victor and their relationship is amiable so we know they have a long-standing friendship. Victor encouraged Abby Newman [Melissa Ordway] to get to know her grandma as well.

Dina is lonely and “Young and the Restless” spoilers indicate Graham Bloodworth [Max Shippee] has his eye on Gloria Abbott [Judith Chapman]. With Victor newly single and Dina vulnerable because of her Alzheimer’s, she might never realize the Mustache is taking advantage to get revenge. If anything drove Jack crazy, it would be the idea that Victor is bedding his mom.

Dina is the perfect target

Some “Y&R” spoilers hint that Victor might come after Ashley Abbott [Eileen Davidson], but she’s getting hot and heavy with Ravi Shapur [Abhi Sinha] and isn’t looking to hang out with her ex.

With Ashley off the market right now, there’s no other female but Dina that Victor can use to lash out at Jack. As far as Victor is concerned, Jack needs to pay for meddling with Nikki and Victoria.

“Young and the Restless” spoilers indicate Victor wants to protect his daughter and lash out at Nikki and Jack. It should be easy pickings for Victor to get close to Dina even if he doesn’t go so far as to sleep with Jack’s mom.

Graham won’t like it, but he’s no match for the Mustache. Dina would love to have a handsome man like Victor paying her attention, and that would infuriate Jack.

"Y&R" dangerous games

Victor has gone to extremes before to punish Jack - remember Marco?

If Victor is willing to replace Jack with a doppelganger that took over his life and "raped" his wife daily, there's nothing Victor won't do. "Young and the Restless" spoilers promise Victor is on a roll. He locked Nick Newman [Joshua Morrow] out of the ranch and is systematically punishing all of his enemies - even those that were once family and Jack is at the top of the list.

Will Victor form an emotional alliance with Dina to torment Jack? Could Dina feed Victor information about what’s going on at Jabot since her mind is slippery and she might be confused enough to betray Jack to Victor unknowingly? Would the Mustache really go this far? Check back often for more “The Young and the Restless” spoilers.