The Duggar Family is always in the line of fire. Putting themselves in the public eye has caused a lot of pain for them, but their son, Josh Duggar didn't help their situation. 2015 was the year that changed the family's lives. Josh was exposed for what had happened when he was a teenager. As if that wasn't bad enough, he was involved in a sex scandal a few months later. Anna Duggar was embarrassed, as was the rest of the Duggar family. After that, Josh was sent to Rockford, Illinois for six months for sex rehab and spiritual guidance.

Duggars return to Illinois

After speculation arose that Anna Duggar had given birth to her son, the Duggar family put those rumors to rest with a new photo of the family. Members of the family flew to Rockford, Illinois over the weekend. They apparently visited the rehab where Josh Duggar sought help after the sex scandal broke. While that wasn't the sole purpose of the trip, it is the part that got the most attention. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Josh Duggar and the entire Duggar family have come under fire for their use of a Private Plane that flew them into Rockford. They are being called out for the lavish way they arrived, and for essentially bragging about it.

While it may be true that flying a private plane to an event and to visit the rehab that "saved" Josh Duggar may be a bit extreme, there are other reasons behind the family's decision.

The public hatred they endure has them concerned over safety issues. They don't advertise where they will be ahead of time unless it is a conference where they plan to speak. Anna Duggar is heavily pregnant and if she was flying commercial, there would be no way to land immediately if they needed.

Babywatch is happening

When Anna Duggar announced that she was expecting again, the details were not readily available.

Her due date had not been announced, but it is expected to be coming up quickly. Many believed Duggar had already given birth until the photo on Twitter surfaced. Now, speculation is the due date is sometime in September, though it could be even later given the fact she was able to fly. Fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Josh and Anna's fifth child, and the name guessing game has already begun.

If they stick with tradition, their new son will be given an "M" name at birth. They already have Marcus, MacKenzie, Michael, and Meredith.

Josh and Anna Duggar will not be appearing on "Counting On" due to sponsor issues, there should be some information released when the baby is born.