In the trailer for “Rick and Mortyseason 3 Episode 6 we see the title characters go on another adventure. As usual with their intergalactic travels, mayhem happens. This time though, the trouble that they go through might just convince Rick to stop with their adventures and go on a vacation.

No rest for Rick and Morty

Episode 6 is titled “Rest and Ricklaxation.” The synopsis says Rick and Morty need a break. Base on the title, it is safe to assume that the pair goes on a vacation of some sort. Otherwise, the title could mean that they deserve a break from all their intergalactic adventures since it only leads to more trouble than fun or relaxation.

What the trailer for Episode 6 tells us

The trailer for Episode 6 clearly hints that Rick and Morty have had enough of their adventures. We see the scientist rattled, which is rare. Rick is usually calm and confident even in the middle of an attack or a life-threatening problem. However, this is probably the first time we see him downright anxious and even concerned about his life.

As for Morty, the teenager clearly has had enough of accompanying his grandfather on his missions on different planets. In the trailer below, he tells his grandfather that they have been going nonstop and it is not healthy. Moreover, he has his reasons why he should not accompany Rick this time. He finds out that his long-time crush Jessica is single and believes that he finally has a chance with her.

Regardless, Rick insists that his grandson accompany him for a 20-minute trip to another planet. The short trip turned into six days.

The mission

In “Rest and Ricklaxation,” Rick tells Morty that they are after a plasma shard. Next thing we see is Morty behind the wheel maneuvering his grandfather’s ship, while the latter aims at their enemy.

The duo blows up a giant alien creature and hailed as heroes for their triumph. Rick receives what appears to be a gem, which could be the plasma shard he is after.

Is it the end of more Rick and Morty adventures?

The trailer then shows the title characters back in their ship. Whatever they went through to get the plasma shard must have been that bad to turn Rick into a mess.

For the first time, we see him agree with his grandson that they should stop going on adventures on different planets. Whatever they went through scared Rick enough that it made his hands tremble. Is it the end of more adventures for them in “Rick and Morty” Season 3 Episode 6?