Anna is one of the most talked about Duggar Family members. She was the first in-law for the family, and the sisters really welcomed her with open arms. Her love story was one that inspired viewers, but then everything changed. 2015 was a hard year for the Duggar family, Anna in particular. The man she loved more than anything else betrayed her and the family in a big way, which forever changed how they would have to live their lives in the public eye.

The scandal

Several outlets focused on Josh Duggar and what happened with his sisters when they were minors.

It was a huge deal for the public, but Anna Duggar had known what happened prior to marrying him. Ashley Madison was the issue between the Duggars. He had made more than one account and was intent on meeting women for affairs. While it was never actually proven that he cheated on Anna, the intent was enough to send him to sex rehab in Rockford, Illinois. It was a non-traditional facility, one that was faith-based. Josh remained there for six months while he received the "proper treatment." He returned home to Arkansas in April 2016 to work on repairing his broken marriage.

Immediately, rumors began swirling that Anna Duggar was pregnant with her fifth child. After a few months of being home, the couple announced thatg they were expecting their fifth child, but there weren't many details given.

It was ironic because both Jessa and Jill Duggar were also expecting, which was also the case in 2015. Anna and Josh announced the baby would be another little boy, and it was speculated she was due sometime around the same time Jill was.

Did Anna already give birth?

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Anna Duggar may have already given birth to her new son.

The last time she was seen out in public was back in June. Because Josh Duggar isn't well-liked by the public, announcing the birth of the new baby isn't priority for Jim Bob and Michelle. They have received plenty of hate for the sins of their son, and the pregnancy announcement didn't earn them any point either. If Anna did deliver their son already, they may be waiting to announce it until it is closer to the new season of "Counting On." Anything for a ratings boost, right?

When the newest little Duggar is born, there will definitely be an acknowledgement of it. Fans have started to come around a bit, if only for the support of Anna Duggar and her other children. The family won't be seen on the TLC show, but they can be spotted on social media once in a while.