Kesha and Dr. Luke have been embroiled in a Legal Battle for years now and the latest celebrity to be part of the lawsuit is Lady Gaga. According to the legal team of the music producer, they have asked to depose Lady Gaga over text messages she might have had with Kesha but the “Poker Face” did not answer so they issued her a subpoena.

The legal team of Dr. Luke, born Lukasz Gottwald, released a statement over the weekend revealing that they issued a subpoena on Lady Gaga “because she has relevant information” regarding the supposed false statements about Dr.

Luke. The producer filed a defamation lawsuit against Kesha regarding her allegations of sexual misconduct against the music producer, Los Angeles Times reported.

Dr. Luke, lawyers tried to obtain deposition date from Lady Gaga

The music producer’s lawyers also said in their weekend announcement that they had to issue a subpoena on the "American Horror Story" actress because she has not given a deposition date despite their repeated requests. It is unclear how many times have they asked the “You and I” singer about the deposition.

Lady Gaga already offered them a written statement, but Dr. Luke and his team want a three-hour deposition for questioning.

Lady Gaga’s team responds

The singer's legal representatives responded to the statements of Dr.

Luke and his lawyers. Gaga's attorneys said that she already provided “all of the relevant information in her possession” and is only a secondary witness in the lawsuit. The representatives continued to say that Dr. Luke and his team are attempting to “manipulate the truth” by exaggerating the role of Lady Gaga. The singer’s representatives also claimed that Dr.

Luke and his team have falsely accused her of “dodging reasonable requests,” about the deposition.

What Lady Gaga submitted to the court

The "Million Reasons" singer already provided text messages she had with Kesha. However, they were reportedly heavily edited and censored. The “Born This Way” singer supports Kesha, and in an Instagram post last year, she said that women who are abused usually do not speak up because they believe no one will listen to them and that their abuser might have threatened them and their loved ones.

She said that what happened to Kesha “happened to many female artists, including myself.”

According to Rolling Stone, Kesha also submitted the text messages she had with the "Bad Romance" singer. These were given to the court in December of 2016 and were later sealed.

Kesha set to release new album

After Kesha was not successful in asking the court to have her contract with Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe record label be invalidated, she will be releasing her new album called “Rainbow” under the music producer’s imprint. The album will be out on August 11.