Kesha has disappeared from the music scene for a while. However, the singer has recently returned with a brand new Album titled "Rainbow". The first song of the album "Prayer" was released on the stars Vevo Channel on her Youtube platform. The singer was involved in a Court Case with her former manager and it limited her ability to release music. Kesha has returned with an album written alongside the events of the court case where she accused Dr. Luke of sexual assault.

Kesha's court case against former producer

The court case between Kesha and her former producer and manager Dr.

Luke has bee ongoing since 2014. The star has sued her manager for counts such as sexual assault, giving her date-rape drugs and emotional manipulation. Due to the nature of the case, the singer has been unable to release new music. Now in 2017 Kesha is back with an album that fans have been eagerly anticipating.

There has been no comment from Dr. Luke about the album. During the court case, he claimed that Kesha was lying and that he had not assaulted or manipulated her in any way. This fueled the singers need to release her emotions and as such "Rainbow" was created.

New album 'Rainbow'

The new album brings some horrifying experiences in Kesha's life to light. According to Metro, the album was written during the court case with Dr.

Luke. The lyrics are highly emotional for the singer and she recently admitted that she is very nervous about performing the songs. Kesha's current producer and writer, Ricky Reed has made a statement claiming that Kesha's new album will change the world.

He worked alongside the star during the creation of the album. The singer explained how her new album titled "Rainbow" came from the deepest emotional place within her soul.

The songs depict the serious issues addressed in the court case. The first single from the album is called "Prayer". The song is about persevering when one is in an exceptionally dark place.

The singer went on to introduce four more songs on her album. Kesha has expressed her excitement about the album. The singer claims she never had much creative input in the past and now she is getting to show off who she really is.

She reveals an emotional vulnerability in her new creation.

Kesha has become emotional many times when asked about the release of her new album. The star seems to have found some inner peace, however, stating that "Rainbow" is the beginning of the good things in her life.