Comedienne Kathy Griffin is off the hook as she will not face charges over her photo showing her holding the severed and bloody head of United States President Donald Trump. The controversial photo caused her to lose many of her stand-up gigs as well as her regular jobs.

According to National Post, Griffin became the subject of a federal investigation by the Secret Service because they had to know whether or not the comedienne was a threat to the president. Griffin took to Twitter recently to say that the case is closed and she is completely exonerated.

Investigation started in May

The photo of Griffin leaked online back in May. The snap was taken by photographer Tyler Shields, whose works are most of the time controversial. He also shot Lindsay Lohan and Emma Roberts in the past. Initially, Griffin claimed she was an artist, and the photo was only a parody of the infamous comments of Trump against Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.

Trump comments on Griffin’s photo on Twitter

The president later took to Twitter to slam Griffin for agreeing to pose for such photo. He said that the comedienne should be ashamed of herself because his family is disturbed with the photo. He noted that his son, 11-year-old Barron, was the most affected as he was having a difficult time processing such photo, Sky News reported.

Aside from Trump, his wife Melania, the First Lady, said in a statement that the mental health of Griffin is questionable.

Griffin’s career affected after backlash

After the photo had surfaced online, Griffin’s career spiraled downwards. She admitted that she believes she will no longer have a career following the controversy adding that, “I’ve got to be honest, [Trump] broke me.” The comedienne apologized and asked Shields to remove the photos from his website.

Griffin lost her CNN gig during New Year’s Eve. She usually hosts the event alongside her good friend Anderson Cooper. Cooper himself voiced his disagreement over the photo but said that he hopes his friend bounces back because she is “incredibly funny and a lot of people love her.”

Just this June, Griffin claimed that she was the first entertainer in history to be pursued by a president.

She also said that the president used her to divert the attention of the people since he was being investigated by the FBI regarding the alleged Russian interference during the November presidential elections. She also said that she would still keep on criticizing Trump.