It is no surprise Queen Daenerys Targaryen is feeling frustrated after her best-laid plans to take over the Iron Throne have been shot down one by one by her nemesis, Cersei Lannister. In the trailer for “Game of Thrones” Season 7 episode 4 entitled “The Spoils of War,” the Mother of Dragons is in full fighting form.

No more cunning plans

After Euron Greyjoy launches a surprise attack on Daenerys’ fleet as they were headed to Dorne to fetch the Dornish Army, he effectively paralyzed Daenerys’ planned attack on King’s Landing. He even managed to capture Elyria Sand, who was responsible for killing Cersei’s only daughter Myrcella.

Euron was also able to capture his niece Yara Greyjoy, keeping her out of the running as queen of the Iron Islands. In the last episode of “Game of Thrones” entitled “The Queen’s Justice,” the Lannisters once again stayed one step ahead of Daenerys when they sacrificed Casterley Rock for a bigger prize.

In a surprise twist, it was revealed that Jaime Lannister led their army to High Garden to seize the Tyrell stronghold and kill the only surviving member of the family, Olenna Tyrell. High Garden’s troops were supposed to join forces with Dorne to take King’s Landing, but with the latest Tyrell defeat, Daenerys may take matters into her own hands in the upcoming episode.

Daenerys' dragons will die?

It remains to be seen whether The King of the North Jon Snow will decide to help Daenerys in her quest to claim the Iron Throne. In the last episode, Daenerys gave him permission to mine Dragonglass from Dragonstone so that the North can make weapons that can kill the Whitewalkers. In the preview, the Queen addressed her advisers and Jon as if to see whether he is ready to join her in the fight against Cersei.

Armed with three full-grown dragons, an army of Unsullied and thousands of Dothraki warriors, Daenerys Targaryen has the best chance to topple Cersei’s rule, given her unstable relationship with the other kingdoms. However, with financial support from Braavos to fund her war, the Queen of Westeros can beef up her campaign to suppress Daenerys’ campaign.

While it is perceived that the dragons are the ultimate weapon in the war for the Seven Kingdoms, it has been revealed that Cersei has been preparing weapons to stop them. In Episode 2 entitled “Stormborn,” a massive arrow that could kill a dragon was revealed in the crypt. She also reiterated her confidence in killing the mythical creatures in her conversation with the bank representative from Braavos in the last episode.

It remains to be seen if Daenerys will unleash her fury on the capital of Westeros in the last episode "The Spoils of War" or if she will lose her dragons to Cersei’s secret weapon. But the next episode of “Game of Thrones” is also expected to bring the Starks together with Arya’s possible arrival. Bran is also expected to tell Jon that he saw their uncle, Benjun Stark beyond the wall.