Demi Lovato has shared her biggest announcement on the social media on Wednesday as she shared that her newest album, "Tell Me You Love Me," will finally be out for release on September 29, this year. On her recent post on Instagram, the young singer has posted a short video clip which teased fans about her new release. On the caption, Lovato wrote, "New Album: Tell Me You Love Me coming September 29th." Apart from this huge announcement, the singer has also teased about the titles of her album's different tracks.

Lovato's sixth album

Lovato's "Tell Me You Love Me" album is the sixth album that she is about to release this year.

It has been learned by Entertainment Tonight that her newest release will also include "Sorry Not Sorry" among her tracks. Meanwhile, another report has confirmed that the young singer is also slated to perform at the upcoming 2017 MTV Video Music Awards which is set to happen on August 27, 2017, Sunday.

Further, Lovato is also slated to sing the National Anthem at the Mayweather vs McGregor fight which will happen in Las Vegas on Saturday. Without a doubt, the young singer has a lot of things to do on her plate. Apart from these gigs, she has also shared about her tour plans recently with Entertainment Tonight. As she teased more details about her newest album, Lovato has revealed that her sixth album will include a new track which will make all her fans a lot excited to hear.

High profile announcement

According to Billboard, Lovato has recently made high profile announcements on her social media accounts.

Apparently, these announcements include her varied public appearances which are now leading to her newest album release. Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that the pre-order for her sixth album will also be made available on the midnight of September 29.

As part of her promotions, the singer has also posted a taste of her newest vocals through an album art on her social media account.

Further, she has also shared a black and white music video which featured her singing inside the studio. Since then, most of her fans have become excited about her new music. As she made the latest news about her album release, Lovato's followers have gone wild as they will finally hear a new sound from her again.

In line with her big announcement, Lovato is yet to give more details whether or not she'll pursue her plans with her tours in these coming months. Stay tuned and find out more exciting news from this famous singer!