Demi Lovato has taken to social media to announce the release date of her track titled "Sorry Not Sorry." The star has revealed that the song is to the haters. Demi made this announcement the same day that Selena Gomez released a teaser for her new track "Fetish." Fans are wondering what this means for the pair and are confused as to whether or not the pair are friends. Some have commented that Demi is encroaching on Selena's territory, however, there is no evidence that Lovato was intentionally being malicious.

'Sorry Not Sorry'

Demi Lovato has revealed that she will be dropping a new song soon.

The track is titled "Sorry Not Sorry" and was revealed online through social media. The video shows Lovato getting into a car and smiling before the title of the song flashes on the screen. According to Refinery 29, the song is aimed at Demi's haters and is a personal message to them.

Lovato previously had an interview with ET where she told them that she went in a totally new direction with her new album. Back then, the artist was still in the process of finding her inspiration. She knew at the time that she wanted her music to be more soulful than the previous tracks she had released. A sneak peek of Demi's latest track can be heard on her Instagram.

Are Demi and Selena still friends?

Demi's announcement came the same day that Selena teased her new track "Fetish." Fans are wondering if this was a malicious act by Lovato or just a coincidence.

The title of Demi's new song does not help the rumors. According to Refinery, Lovato has hinted in the past that she and Gomez are still on good terms and fans are confused by their dual release date.

There is no evidence that there is any connection between Demi, Selena, and their release dates. As of yet, there has been no comment from either of the stars or their representatives.

As for whether or not the stars are on friendly terms, there is evidence to suggest that they are. When Selena released "Kill Em With Kindness" Demi tweeted about the song. Similarly, Selena has recently revealed her Spotify playlist titled "Me and My Girls" which includes music by Lovato.

The release date for Lovato's new song "Sorry Not Sorry" is July 11.

Demi Lovato is very excited for its release as she has worked hard to take her sound in a new direction. Fans can get a flavor of the artists new sound on her Instagram page. It is unknown as to whether Selena will be releasing "Fetish" on July 11. Fans will simply have to wait to find out.