Kylie Jenner, the "Life with Kylie" star, has finally broken her silence following her split with former boyfriend, Tyga. In the recent episode of her reality show, "Life with Kylie," the Young Star has come out single and is finally ready to mingle. As she gets ready for the upcoming Met Gala in New York this year, the young star just revealed that she felt free after she broke up with her former partner following their three-year relationship.

Jenner feels happier after split

According to E! News, Jenner has opened up about her feeling of being a new person.

She said in the recent sneak peek of her reality show that she felt a lot more comfortable today compared to her life over the past three years. She has recalled that most of the time, she had stayed in her house all day back then. However, since she broke up with Tyga, Jenner revealed that she's now enjoying more of her life.

Jenner feels that being single allows her to enjoy life to the fullest and just do everything that makes her happy. She also revealed that she feels genuinely happy at this time. The reality star also talked about the reasons behind the split. The 20-year old star shared that their age gap was apparently one of the reasons that she took into account. Billboard also reported that Jenner denied the speculations that their break up was all because of a dramatic fight.

Ended on good terms

Jenner has also emphasized that despite their split, she and Tyga will always be on good terms. She has also shared that no huge fight was involved with their relationship breakup. She added that their bond following their three-year relationship will always remain.

Jenner also revealed that she only wanted the best for herself. She doesn't want to look back several years from now and to regret that she stayed with a person that was really not her type.

Meanwhile, a source close to Jenner also shared with Billboard that the former couple apparently felt a bit awkward when they bumped into each other at the Coachella shortly after their split.

Despite ending on good terms, Jenner and Tyga really have to deal with the so called "post-break up" awkwardness.

Jenner also shared that having a relationship with somebody becomes a lot harder when it is spread all over social media. The reality star also revealed that seeing various opinions from people on social media could sometimes affect her. Will she choose to stay low-key in her next relationship? Perhaps, it is one of the things her fans should look forward to.