"Days of our Lives" spoilers for the beginning of the week reveal that the drama in Salem will continue. Last week "DOOL" fans saw heartache, deceit, betrayal, and more, and it looks like those storyline will continue into the week of August 14 through 18. Of course, one of the biggest storylines of the moment is Marlena and Hattie's big switch. As viewers will remember, Marlena's doppelganger Hattie swapped lives with the psychiatrist and had her locked away in a mental hospital. Now, Marlena is fighting to regain her life, but will anyone listen?

Marlena makes a play to save her life

The latest "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Marlena will sneak around until she's able to find a phone. Doc will find a way to call the love of her life, John Black, but things won't go as planned for poor Marlena. Just as she's ready to tell John the entire situation the phone will die out, and she'll be stuck back at square one. However, John knows that something is up. Marlena-Hattie has been acting weird. She dumped John when they were supposed to be planning a wedding, and now she's all about getting back with Marlena's ex-husband, Roman Brady. John will follow Marlena-Hattie around Salem, and he may not like what he finds.

Eric is shocked by what he finds

Of course, John won't be the only Salem resident who believes that Marlena is a bit off. Marlena's own son, Eric Brady, will catch Marlena-Hattie celebrating with what appears to be Adrienne Kiriakis, but "Days of our Lives" fans know is really Bonnie Lockhart. Bonnie, Adrienne's doppelganger took a page out of Hattie's book and is currently living Adrienne's life while she's stuck being bars in a women's prison.

Now Hattie and Bonnie are living it up, and when Eric walks in on the party he'll immediately been taken aback by seeing the two women's celebration. Will he realize that something's fishy, or will he be too wrapped up in his own life to think too much about it?

Sonny remembers something about the murder

Meanwhile, "Days of our Lives" fans are still in the middle of a huge murder mystery.

Who killed Deimos Kiriakis? It's been weeks now since Deimos' murder, and "DOOL" viewers still don't know who stabbed him to death. JJ Deveraux was the first suspect, and later Xander Cook. However, it's Sonny Kiriakis that is currently behind bars for the crime, but Chad DiMera recently learned that he may have been involved as well. The two friends got together to try to fill in the gaps in their memories last week and remembered quite a bit from the night of the murder. This week, Sonny will remember even more, and it could finally bring a conclusion to the murder mystery.