Chris Pratt was pictured out and about in Los Angeles without his wedding ring. The actor took to Facebook on August 6 to confirm his split from Anna Faris, however, this is the first time he's been pictured without his gold band. According to US Weekly, Pratt was photographed meeting with a friend in L.A. yesterday. He was reportedly taking the couple's son, Jack, to church at the time. The star's wedding ring was noticeably missing from his left hand as he embraced his friend in a hug. The pairs split has saddened fans around the world, who have taken to social media to express their shock and disappointment.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris still living together after split

According to "Million Dollar Matchmaker" star, Patti Stanger, the couple is still living under the same roof. Stanger, who claims to be friends with the pair, said this means there's still hope for a reconciliation. Speaking to US Weekly, the star revealed she's praying they will get back together, but that she won't interfere in the process. Stanger believes that there is still a lot of hope for Pratt and Faris. She said the fact that they are still living together means the couple "still love each other". She added Pratt and Faris are still very close as friends, and this may increase the chances of the pair reconciling.

A source told US Weekly that problems in the relationship were mostly down to Pratt's evolving career.

They said the power struggle between the couple caused tension in the marriage, with Faris being the bigger celebrity when the relationship began. However, as time went by, Pratt overtook his wife in terms of fame, which the source believes negatively impacted the relationship.

Couple confirm their split on social media

Pratt and Faris confirmed the end of their marriage on social media on August 6.

Faris posted a brief message on her Instagram account, telling fans the couple decided to legally separate. She said that she and Pratt were "really disappointed", and stressed the importance of keeping the matter as confidential as possible for their son's welfare. The actress added that the pair "still love each other" and their time together remains important to both of them.

The message was signed off by the couple and has received over 118 thousand likes on the social media site. Pratt shared an almost identical message on his Facebook account. There are 31 thousand comments on the post, left by fans who have expressed their sympathy and sadness for the couple.