Kylie Jenner who turned 20 recently has already managed to earn a whopping $450 million dollars in 18 months from her venture Kylie cosmetics. After investing and associating herself with so many ventures this gorgeous 20-year-old has now launched her own show, "The Life of Kylie." But seems like all is not well with the show; according to the reports, Kylie Jenner’s show has received a very low rating and has been slammed by the critics.

The ratings of the show

In terms of ratings, "The Life of Kylie" has so far only managed to garner half the attention and viewership in comparison to her brother Rob Kardashian’s show.

The star has been accused of being fake on the show and seems like it is not going down well with everyone. As per critics, the show is boring and dry. The reports also quote that the show was a disaster and no one liked it. After knowing this, not only Kylie but the entire Kardashian clan is panicking and is worried about the future of the show. They are taking all possible steps to save Kylie and this show.

Show will be ramped up

"Life of Kylie" is now been re-edited and re-designed to make it look more exciting and interesting. The show is being compared with "Keeping with the Kardashians" and everyone thinks that the show should progress just like the former one, while every episode should end with a bang.

All the reviews have not gone down well with the Kardashians since people think that Kylie’s life isn’t exciting enough for the viewers who are hoping for some action. Apparently, the makers have also decided to add more footage of the reality star- Kim Kardashian to spice up the show. To sort out everything the makers are even asking Kylie to promote the show as much as possible.

Reports from prominent agencies even claimed that it is the fakest reality show. Every media critic is examining the show thoroughly and is stating that Kylie should have taken much more efforts to look convincing on screen and should take her show more seriously. Not only Kylie but her mother Kris Jenner is doing every possible thing to get this show under control.

In fact, she even posted a tweet on claiming that the show is actually a success. She posted: “Congrats team Kylie! A great way to start the weekend.”

Kris Jenner is not the only one, but even Kim Kardashian has extended her support to Kylie and is sure that her little sister’s show is going to be great. It will now be interesting to see how the team will get things under control and what new will the re-editing and re-cut bring to the show.