"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for a mid-week reveal that things are about to get even crazier in Salem with both Hattie and Bonnie on the loose. "DOOL" fans will watch as Angelica and Hattie move on to phase two of their plan. They've got Adrienne Kiriakis drugged and are now ready to break Bonnie Lockhart out of prison, and replace her with Adrienne, of course! It looks like Bonnie will become a fugitive of the law, but it will be Adrienne who suffers the consequences.

Bonnie and Hattie run amok in Salem

The latest spoilers claim that when Adrienne finds herself behind bars, she'll insist she isn't Bonnie Lockhart.

However, no one will believe poor Adrienne, and she'll even be thrown into solitary confinement for her behavior. Meanwhile, Bonnie will take over Adrienne's life, and one of her first orders of business will be to break off the relationship with Lucas Horton. It looks like Bonnie will be taking a page right out of Hattie's book, as "Days Of Our Lives" fans watched Hattie pretend to be Marlena and dump John Black earlier this week. Meanwhile, the real Marlena is locked away in a psychiatric hospital fearing for her life.

Steve and Kayla struggle with their family issues

Meanwhile, "Days Of Our Lives" fans will see the Johnson family struggle with Tripp's recent outburst against Kayla, and it will cause a problem with Kayla and Steve.

Now that Joey has confessed to killing Ava, the two parents will be more concerned than ever about their son's fate, and what will happen now that he's revealed his deepest, darkest secret. Will Tripp insist that Joey turn himself into to the Salem police, or will they be able to work things out and try to put the pieces of their family back together?

In addition to the issues with their sons, Steve and Kayla will also have a bit of conflict in their marriage thanks to Tripp's actions and Joey's confession. They've been doing so well lately, and this will be a test for their relationship.

Justin has some news for Sonny

"DOOL" viewers will also see Justin Kiriakis visit his son, Sonny, in jail.

Justin is reportedly set to reveal some big news to Sonny, but what will it be? Does Justin know that Victor is behind Deimos' murder, or could he be delivering some bad news about his murder case? Perhaps Justin will need to tell Sonny something about his mother, Adrienne. It's not clear what Justin's big reveal will be just yet, but "Days of our Lives" fans will be eagerly awaiting the moment he'll confess something to his son.