"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for upcoming episodes reveal that Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) will completely shock fans with her exit storyline. The character is set to leave Salem in the near future, and the way she does so could leave some viewers angry.

The latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers have Chloe stuck in a love triangle between Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher) and Rex Brady (Kyle Lowder). The story isn't the craziest the soap has ever come up with, but it does seem a bit random to some fans.

Currently, Chloe and Stefan have been living together.

Stefan saved Chloe's life when El Fideo's men came to Salem looking to start trouble. Chloe was so terrified that they would return that she and her children packed their bags and moved into the DiMera mansion.

Chloe & Stefan continue to grow close

Chloe and Stefan then began spending a lot of time together. They've been sharing intimate moments, laughing, and he's even been teaching her the art of chess, which is a DiMera family specialty. However, Stefan's feelings for Chloe have been growing over the weeks, and he's ready to finally pursue a romantic relationship with her.

Although Chloe could be skeptical about dating Stefan given everything he's done to others in Salem, she may not be able to fight her feelings.

However, there is another man who could pull her interest away from Stefan.

Rex Brady is currently dating Sarah Horton (Lindsey Godfrey), but "Days of our Lives" fans have seen Sarah's feelings sway from Rex to his brother, Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan). Sarah and Eric have grown very close, and it is taking a toll on her relationship with Rex.

It's become such an issue that when Rex recently proposed to Sarah that she refused him for Eric's sake.

Sarah's feelings for Eric are a problem

Sarah was constantly brushing off Rex and his feelings while leaning towards Eric could cause the couple's relationship to crumble, leaving Rex looking towards his newly rekindled friendship with Chloe for some support and advice.

However, in leaning on Chloe during his relationship troubles, it seems that Rex could actually start to fall for his former high school friend.

This means that Chloe and Rex could shock everyone by getting involved and eventually leaving Salem together. Since both Nadia Bjorlin and Kyle Lowder are set to exit the soap opera, these spoilers and rumors don't seem like too much of a long shot. After all, Chloe never really has liked being alone, and usually doesn't stay single for long, and Rex seemingly craves a lot of attention.

Fans can see all of the drama go down when "Days of our Lives" airs weekday afternoons on NBC.