"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for the upcoming two weeks of August 28- September 1 is going to be full of drama and action, and soap fans are not going to want to miss one single second.

John and Marlena are still being held captive at the sanitorium thanks to Hattie/Marlena. The good people of Salem are finally starting to discover that something is a miss when it comes to Marlena/Hattie and Adrianne/Bonnie's recent behaviors and personality changes. Last week it looked as if Lucas was going to blow the lid of Bonnie's portrayal of his beloved Adrienne.

Even though Lucas was completely drunk out of his mind, he could still tell that there was something very different about the woman he was in bed with.

John and Marlena plan their escape

However, Bonnie managed to work her sexual charms on Lucas and distracted him long enough for the two to have sex. Let's just say good old Lucas is going to be paying for this bender in more ways than one in the near future. Back to John and Marlena though, it is about time John figures out a way to save himself and Doc once again. But, since John has been missing for a few days now people are growing suspicious about his where about, especially Paul.

Who will Nicole finally choose, Brady, or Eric?

Paul goes to Marlena/Hattie and confronts her about John's where abouts.

Hattie plays it up big telling Paul she has no clue where John is but believes he has left town to heal his broken heart.Things are looking grim for Nicole, as usual. But, Brady is going to come to her rescue and is devising a plan to help Nicole get her baby back.

Brady is all about helping out Nicole. However, he is not thrilled that Eric will not step off and the jealousy is leading up to a huge blow up between the two.We are going to be seeing more unfold around Abe Carver in the upcoming weeks as well.

Theo is terrified that his dad is going to be convicted. Since Theo is so distraught over his father's arrest, he is in need of comfort and what a great time for Claire to step up and make Theo realize just how much they really need each other.

Days fans shouldn't get too comfortable with Theo and Claire's rekindled relationship just yet.

A third party, Tripp, is going to be moving in with Theo and Claire in the early week of September, and we all know that three is a crowd. Just as Claire and Tripp start growing closer, it looks as if Ciara Brady will also be arriving back in Salem. Ciara is coming back a different person, (and actress) and she is said to be ready to do whatever it takes to get Theo back.

There is also plans being made for a double wedding ceremony in Salem. After discussing things amongst themselves, Chad, Abigail, Sonny, and Paul decide to have a double wedding. This is not good. "Days" fans have been around long enough to know; NO weddings ever go off in Salem with some drama.

This drama is going to an amazing storyline because it just so happens to include another Salem treat of someone returning from the dead!

The next couple of weeks is going to tie up some current storylines and open the road up to some of the new and exciting stories being brought to life by "Days of Our Lives" new head writer Ron Carlivati.

It is going to be a bang up fall season in Salem and we just can't wait to see where the end of 2017 takes our favorite soap characters in 2018! How are you enjoying the new writer's stories so far? "Days of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC. #DaysOfOurLives