"Days Of Our Lives" fans, it is finally here! Ron Carlivati's scripts will begin to air on July 19. He has promised to take the show in a new direction, have the viewers laughing as well as crying, and stop the drab, old, worn out storylines that just don't seem to ever really end.

The following contains spoilers for "Days of Our Lives". Don't continue to read if you want to be surprised by what may be airing on the long-running soap opera.

First and foremost, Ron Carlivati knows the fans of "Days of Our Lives" are tired of the never-ending love triangle of Chad, Abigail, and Gabi.

Finally, it will be coming to an end. The award-winning writer tweeted that Chabby fans will be happy as the new scripts start to air. Of course, he has to get Dario out of the picture first.

Abigail is in over her head

Dario's deep dark secrets are about to all come out in the open. Abigail planted a bug and overheard him discussing counterfeit money. She recruited Andre's help to get to the bottom of things and he quickly got Theo on board. Theo is a computer whiz and uses those skills to hack into Dario's laptop to find the trail of money laundering. It seems that Dario didn't learn that crime doesn't pay when his father was arrested. According to spoilers, when Abigail confronts him, however, he flips the script and blackmails her.

He has a picture of Chad over Deimos' body, claiming that Chad is the one that plunged the knife into the villain's chest. Abigail will be forced to stay in her horrible marriage in an attempt to keep Dario quiet about Chad. Once it all plays out, Dario will be out of Salem and Abigail will be free to return to the waiting arms of her ex-husband that loves her so much.

A Gabi and JJ reunion?

Gabi fans have no reason to worry. JJ will be looking for a new love interest when Eli and Lani stop fighting the growing feelings they have for each other. While on the island, "Days of Our Lives" fans saw the beginning of a connection between the two. Once back in Salem, Eli and Lani gave into those feelings while under the influence of Halo at the party at the Martin house.

Gabi, feeling that her relationship with Chad is slipping once they were back in Salem, began to worry more about her ex when he faced murder charges. Old feelings were rekindled as the two realize there is still unfinished business between them.

Of course, the relationship shake ups aren't the only changes coming to "Days of Our Lives" under Ron Carlivati. He has many tricks up his sleeve that are sure to keep viewers watching. Check back with "Blasting News" as we will keep you updated as spoilers are released.