Could "Days Of Our Lives" fans be seeing the return of Salem's biggest villain in the future. That's right there has been talk that the "Phoenix" may rise from the ashes once again.

Is Days going to far with upcoming story lines?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, there has been some hushed underground talk that casting calls have been made by the popular NBC soap is searching for a tan Caucasian male who's purpose at this time is to serve as a hand and arm double. "Days" fans are well aware over the years, we have seen this teaser more times than we can count that the soap is hinting of a new character or the return of a past character.

Who is coming and going in Salem?

The rumors are stating that it could lead to a Stefano (return/recast.) The role of Stefano DiMera has been played since the character's arrival in 1982 by actor Joseph Mascola. Mascola sadly passed away last December from Alzheimer's disease at age 87. It would be some huge shoes to fill, but it could possibly be done. However, some fans are not going to be down for a Stefano recast believing no one else could even come close to capturing the role Stefano's character.

By now most fans are aware that Will Horton is returning in the next several weeks and his return from the dead is going to need some explaining but is it going to be done with some Stefano-like magic?

Since Dr. Rolf is set to be heading back to Salem, it is wondered if he has not come up with a new and clever way to fake the deaths of Will, EJ, and who knows who else.

"Days of Our Lives" fans sure are being kept on their toes with all the character departures and returns being brought on by the soaps new Head Writer Ron Carlivati.

Past Salemites slated for return include Sami Brady, Kristen DiMera, Stefano's crazy sidekick Dr. Rolf, Jack Deveraux and possibly Ej Dimera.

Wild and bizarre times are coming to Salem with the return of all the dead characters there is going to have to be some dramatic and out there scheme behind it all and anything is possible in Salem right?

Over the years we have witnessed demonic possession, numerous deaths, kidnappings, body switches, doppelgangers, people buried alive, magic and continuous chaos.

One thing is for sure "Days" fans are not going to want to miss one single minute of all the insanity to come. What are your thoughts on the soap's new writer and the possible recasting Stefano, and or, EJ is this a move that daytime fans would or could ever accept from the 50-plus year old daytime drama?

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