"Days Of Our Lives" fans have watched the twisted path Chabby had to take to realize how much love they have for each other. They also know that Paul and Sonny have had their own hurdles to make it through. Now the two couples are about to become newlyweds.

The following will contain spoilers for "Days of Our Lives." If you don't want to know, stop reading now.

Paul and Chad have both faced the stress of being behind bars for the death of Deimos. After being cleared, Chad immediately popped the question to Abigail. He saw how far she would go to protect him.

She was willing to give up their son and go into witness protection with Dario to keep Chad safe. With her near-fatal injuries from the car that hit her, Chad saw that no more time should be wasted.

Sonny spent his time in jail reflecting on himself - how forceful he could be like when he took over Titan. Spending time behind bars seemed to humble him. He realized that Paul was his "Days of Our Lives" soulmate when he saw how far he was willing to go to have Sonny proved innocent. He and his father had gone to Greece to question Xander. Paul was loyal to Sonny through it all.

Why not two weddings?

According to Ron Carlivati, he originally had the couples getting married a week apart. He thought that "Days of Our Lives" fans may find it repetitive to attend a wedding again so soon, so he revamped things to fit the moment.

Chad and Sonny are best friends, so it is no surprise they each want the other to be their best man. When they discuss it, both agree that they want to be married as soon as possible. The plan for a double wedding begins.

The exact timing of the big day hasn't been officially released, but "Days of Our Lives" fans have been told for a while now that there would be a September wedding.

All should be smooth sailing for the two couples after that, right? Not so fast - this is Salem.

One couple will be turned upside down

Spoilers tell us that Sami is heading back to Salem in October. Though the news around her storyline has been tightly lidded, "Days of Our Lives" fans know that Sami is set on revenge. Will has been held hostage by people that traumatized him.

Mama Bear Sami doesn't let anyone mess with her family, and she will do what it takes to get the ones responsible.

One more thing to remember, Will was married to Sonny when we thought the Necktie Killer had strangled him. As Sonny and Paul are beginning to build a home together, Will comes back to Salem.