"Days Of Our Lives" fans are waiting for Abigail to get out of surgery. So are Chad and her family. As they all gather, Chad learns quite a bit about Abigail that he did not know. When his brother Andre comes to the hospital, Chad thinks his brother is there to support him. Could Andre actually have more of the information on what Abigail has been up to?

The following information contains spoilers for "Days of Our Lives." If you don't want to know, please stop reading now.

Andre decides that Chad needs to know how much Abigail loved him. He tells his younger brother everything.

The whole story about the picture that Dario was using to blackmail Abigail into leaving with him. Theo managed to delete it and there is no longer evidence of Chad kneeling over the dead body of Deimos. Chad is already feeling guilty for how he treated Abigail and the things he said just before she was hit by a car. Now he is worried about Sonny as well. He wants to turn himself in and not let his friend go down for something he did. Andre encourages Chad to wait and focus on Abigail right now.

Brady feels he is losing Nicole

Brady had overheard the end of a conversation Nicole was having with Maggie. He knows that she is holding back some information about Eric, and is feeling insecure. Spoilers on Celeb Dirty Laundry, say that Brady's mind is working overtime worrying if Nicole has reconnected to Eric since forgiving him.

And if she has, is she sneaking around for stolen moments with him?

Brady decides to find out and opens a conversation by asking Nicole where she had been. He quickly catches her in a white lie or two. Brady is hurt but he is also livid. He now knows that he no longer has Nicole's heart, and he wants a real love based on truth and giving of their whole hearts.

It seems that since Nicole has forgiven Eric, their bond is only getting stronger.

Can Tripp let it go?

Tripp has been working on a wicked scheme to take down Kayla. He thinks that she killed his mother and Steve is covering for her. "Days of Our Lives" fans know that in reality, Steve is covering for his other son, Joey. Well, Tripp wasn't successful in ruining his stepmother's career, but he makes a vow to make her pay for the crime.

Things are heating up around Salem. Ron Carlivati's scripts began airing on July 19. He is already delivering on his promise to reunite Chabby. Viewers will see the beginnings in the next couple of days. Dario will be back on the screen in September, which gives Chad and Abigail some time.