"Days Of Our Lives" fans know that Ron Carlivati has taken the reigns and is shaking things up by bringing back some familiar faces. Recently viewers were reintroduced to Hattie Adams and Bonnie Lockhart working a twisted plan for Anjelica Deveraux. Now another villainess is rumored to be heading back to town.

"Days of Our Lives" fans saw Vivian Alamain pull some crazy stunts in the past. She tried to kill Carly Manning several times and eventually buried her alive. Vivian used walkie talkies to taunt her victim as she rolled around in her grave, enjoying every second of the torture she was inflicting.

Marriage connections to big families

Marriage was another of her favorite pastimes. She married Victor Kiriakis twice and Stefano DiMera once. When Victor and Kate were pregnant, Vivian stole the embryo. That is how she gave birth to Phillip. That storyline became so twisted that Victor suffered a stroke.

Last seen in Salem in 2011, Vivian is currently in India with her new man Ivan. They are making movies in Bollywood. Having her back on the set of "Days of Our Lives" would definitely bring the laughs that Ron Carlivati says he wants to bring to the show. Vivian has always been over the top with her plans and schemes. Fans shouldn't expect her to mellow with age.

When are new characters coming?

Ron Carlivati plans to wait until January before introducing new characters into Salem. He spent months getting to know the characters and all the backstories to know which characters he wanted to bring back. Some are for entertainment value while others are to make "Days of Our Lives" fans happy - like Will Horton.

There has been a lot of talk about bringing back a character from the dead. In a recent statement, Carlivati said that people are assuming Chandler Massey will be reprising Will Horton, but this is a day and age of twins and look alikes. A twist is sure to be in that storyline.

As for Vivian Alamain, the residents of Salem will have mixed emotions about her return.

She has very few allies in town after all of her shenanigans over the years. Obviously, Viv is not one to be trusted and hasn't done a good job of maintaining friendships.

The spoilers that share the possible return of Vivian have not said whether or not Louise Sorel will remain in the role, or if it will be reprised by a new actress. What do you think about the return of Vivian Alamain to Salem? Are you hoping Louise Sorel will be in the role? Will she be up to her old tricks once back in town? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.