"Days Of Our Lives" fans will see a lot going on in Salem on Wednesday, August 2. Abigail is in surgery. Her condition was so bad that the surgery is the lesser of evils. She had to have it or she would not live, but having it could cost her life. Kayla advised Jennifer to go ahead with the surgery. Her look into her friend's eyes showed so much compassion, as one mother to another, as well as friend to friend.

The following will contain spoilers for "Days of Our Lives." If you want to be surprised, stop reading now.

Gabi tells Chad her brother's marriage isn't what it seems.

Jennifer, JJ, Chad, and Gabi will wait nervously for Abigail to make come out of surgery. During the wait, Gabi tells Chad the true reason Abigail married Dario. He understands now why Abigail would have married him so quickly with him needing a green card. His guilt is even stronger, as he thinks back to how hard he was on Abigail for marrying Dario. Chad knows that she would help a friend if they needed it.

When Abigail is out of surgery and Chad gets a chance to see her, he tells her everything. He wants to apologize in case she doesn't wake up. She has to know how much he still loves her and always will. Gabi, however, decides to eavesdrop rather than give them privacy.

Her heart is broken as her worst fears come true. The beginning of a Chabby reunion is just around the corner.

Hattie has Marlena right where she wants her.

Elsewhere in Salem, "Days of Our Lives" fans will see Kate and John have an argument. Marlena will be unable to help the love of her life, however. She has been kidnapped by Hattie and committed to a sanitarium.

Anjelica is having a hard time keeping Hattie on track and has to remind her that ending up with Roman Brady is her end-goal and specific things had to happen to get her there.

Sonny is still in jail, charged with the murder of Deimos. "Days of Our Lives" fans will get to see him on Wednesday, August 2nd. According to spoilers, his parents will visit him to see if he is holding up alright.

They try to reassure him that he will be released and real killer found. Sonny still believes that he is responsible for the death of Deimos but some things will soon come out. There are other suspects that haven't been uncovered yet.

As "Days of Our Lives" fans know, Dario was blackmailing Abigail to go with him into the Witness Protection program. The incriminating picture of Chad over the body of Deimos had many fans on social media wondering if Abigail is the murderer, thinking she was stabbing Ben. There will be a big twist in the very near future.