Jessica Biel makes her return to television in USA's new psychological drama "The Sinner." The stylish thriller will be told in an eight-episode limited series based on Petra Hammesfahr's book. The first episode begins with a shocking crime that the audience witnesses. Jessica Biel plays Cora Tannetti who is a young mother and a wife. Cora takes her family to the park on a hot summer day.

The story unfolds as Cora becomes enraged after she hears loud music blaring from a boom box. Suddenly, while she is eating a piece of fruit, she suffers a psychotic breakdown and is compelled to walk over to a young man.

Appearing in a trance Cora begins to stab him several times in front of on lookers. Everyone around her including her husband are stunned by her actions.

Cora is arrested at the scene and booked for the brutal murder. The only catch is that she has no idea why she committed this horrific act of violence. According to writer Derek Simonds at the post-Tribeca Film Festival screening panel flashbacks will be a powerful tool to reveal Cora's motives for the murder.

Whydunit story

The whydunit story begins when Detective Harry Ambrose portrayed by Bill Pullman enters the scene to investigate the crime. The twist on the story is that we already know who committed the murder. Jessica Biel talked about the character last spring at a preview screening of the series at SVA during the Tribeca Film festival.

"Cora is terribly complex and complicated.

The tracking of what she knows, what she remembers, what she thinks she remembers, what is a lie, what was told to her, and when she is lying was very complicated." The actress attended the screening with her husband, Justin Timberlake. The couple moved to Manhattan while Jessica worked on the project and remained bi-coastal.

What the audience will learn during the season

Detective Ambrose decides to investigate why Cora commits her "impulse killing." The audience can follow the story through subtle clues and flashbacks. Jessica Biel's portrayal of Cora is a departure from her cheery character on "7th Heaven".

Jessica talked to Entertainment Tonight on July 31st about the difference between being an actress and an executive producer on the project at a screening in New York City.

"One's a softie, and one's a real hard ass." Executive producer/director Antonio Campos explained why he wanted to direct the first episode of the season based on the understanding he had of the character. Campos who directed "Afterschool" and "Simon Killer" can convey the torment of Cora's character with the aid of stunning cinematography by Jody Lee Lippes.

The USA limited series, "The Sinner" begins on Aug. 2 at 10 p.m.