Corinne Olympios is happy that Evan Bass and Carly Waddell continued with their wedding despite the scandal surrounding “Bachelor in Paradise.” The reality star was also spotted having a lunch date with her boyfriend despite the scandal, E! News reported.

Evan Bass, Carly Waddell get married in Mexico

The two stars of “Bachelor in Paradise” got married in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Olympios was not present at the exchange of vows of Bass and Waddell but she said in a statement that she is happy for the couple.

The whole cast of “Bachelor in Paradise” were sent home after the scandal as the production came to a halt.

This followed internal complaints filed by two producers regarding the alleged sexual interaction between Olympios and DeMario Jackson. A source close to Olympios said that the reality star is embarrassed and sad about what happened in the show but she is glad that Bass and Waddell did not let the scandal ruin their wedding as they still pushed through with their plans.

Initially, the exchange of vows of Bass and Waddell should have been part of the new season of “Bachelor in Paradise” set to air this August.

The wedding of Bass and Waddell was officiated by the “Bachelor” franchise’s host, Chris Harrison. The other alums of the franchise present at the wedding were Kaitlyn Bristowe, Nick Viall, and Vanessa Grimaldi.

Corinne Olympios and boyfriend spotted having lunch date

More on Olympios: she was spotted with her boyfriend Jordan Gielchinsky in Los Angeles having a lunch date. Gielchinsky and Olympios have been together since before the reality star signed with “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 4. Twenty-four-year-old Olympios and Gielchinsky, 26, have not seen the video regarding the sexual intercourse.

Sources said Olympios had no intentions of having any sexual interaction or plans of hooking up with the other stars in the show as she was only brought in to stir up some drama. According to insiders, Olympios and Jackson were heavily intoxicated when they hooked up. Neither have filed complaints but they have both sought legal help.

Olympios said in a statement last week she has been trying to make sense of what happened during that evening and has undergone sessions in order to talk about the trauma brought about by the scandal.

Jackson also released a statement saying he hopes the videos will show the truth.

Other "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 cast members expressed that they want the show to continue. They hope producers will not pull the plug on the show for good and they got what they wished for as the investigation was concluded and no misconduct was found. Neither Jackson nor Olympios commented on the investigation's conclusion.

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