Fans of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris received some shocking and disappointing news when they announced in a joint statement that they are splitting up. The fans didn't take the news well because, for eight years, Pratt and Faris were considered to be one of the most relatable and adorable married celebrity couples in Hollywood.

To make things more mysterious, the cause of the split wasn't disclosed in the joint statement, leaving the fans to speculate and imagine the possible reason/s for their divorce. As expected, a third party was considered, and the first on the list is Jennifer Lawrence, who was Pratt's leading lady in the movie "Passengers."

According to FOX, fans are now blaming Jennifer Lawrence for Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' divorce.

Since the breakup was announced on social media, the keyboard warriors were set on fire. "Passengers" was the latest movie that Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence starred in, and the fans have been speculating that they might have had an affair while filming and promoting their movie.

More than friends

It appears that a lot of eagle-eyed fans observed that Pratt and Lawrence were extra friendly with each other during the promotional period of "Passengers." On Twitter, fans were airing out their predictions that sooner or later, the headlines would be about Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence dating.

Although "Passengers" was surprisingly a flop, netizens who were able to watch the movie commented that the chemistry of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in the film was very palpable.

In Anna Faris' latest podcast before the breakup announcement, fans noticed that she was hovering on the topic of loneliness and struggling to keep a cheerful, public persona which led fans to speculate if she knew all along about the alleged affair of her husband and Lawrence.

Not the first time

To make things more complicated, this is actually not the first time that J-Law's name was dragged in the marriage of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris.

In fact, in 2016, Faris revealed in one of her podcasts that she was aware that "The Hunger Games" actress was being linked romantically to her husband. She admitted that she felt insecure whenever issues like that haunt her marriage.

She elaborated back then that although she and Chris had a great relationship, she also feels insecure especially when she is at home taking care of their child while her husband is spending time with a beautiful woman like Jennifer Lawrence. As of writing, reps for the concerned parties have yet to comment on the issue.