Alex O'Loughlin has been doing his dead-level best to keep spirits up for faithful “Hawaii Five-O” fans, who don't know just how to feel going into Season 8. The Australian-born star who makes Hawaii home has been more than generous with his time and appreciation to fans during filming for the new season, seeing that fans need some reassurance after the recent partings of Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park after seven seasons.

Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan are also completely aware that their bromance connection as “McDanno” means so much to fans that it has become “never-miss” on Friday nights.

The partners are portrayed in a recent clip shared by Peter Lenkov assuring each other and the fans that “belief” in each other is all that matters.

Getting used to two completely new cast members is going to take some adjustment, and what could be more comforting than a dog to cuddle through all the changes? Alex O'Loughlin came up with the storyline idea that could not be more warm and fuzzy!

A dog’s duty

Alex O'Loughlin has poured his heart, talent, and body into his authentic and committed portrayal of Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett, and through the past seven seasons, his character has shown that there are no lengths he will not go to, no risks too extreme, when it comes to saving a member of his elite team of crime-busting officers, or a child in danger.

In the Season 7 finale, he leaps onto an 18-wheeler to take a death-defying ride that enables him to disengage a precious cargo of young girls headed into the sex trade. His body is still beating a battle against radiation from a dirty bomb, too. A dog could be the perfect prescription for healing, even for the most daring of heroes.

The storyline to put a drug-sniffing service dog as a prominent character was actually the creation of Alex O'Loughlin. The touching story revolves around the loss of the devoted dog’s owner through a tragedy, and O'Loughlin, as Steve McGarrett, adopts the canine hero, who is truly a victim of circumstance beyond his control.

“It's a really emotional journey,” emphasizes executive producer, Peter Lenkov. “It was his (Alex O'Loughlin) idea to keep the dog, and I thought it was a great one.”

While fans are getting used to the faces of Meaghan Rath and Beulah Koale in the “Five-O” ranks as Tani Rey and returning Navy seal, Junior Reigns, at least they will have a furry, friendly, always welcoming face to make the transition easier, just like the boss, McGarrett. The new cast member certainly won’t be as bothersome as the cat in the apartment.

Birthday love

Alex O'Loughlin has already shared that he likes simple joys in life, like his kids “getting me something” on Father's Day. The doting father delights in all the work and wonder of being a dad in his family of three boys, shared with wife Malia Jones.

His birthday comes around on August 24, meaning the handsome star turns 41 this year, as does Scott Caan just the day before.

Taylor’s Gift and Donate Life have been career long passions in charitable involvement and giving her Alex O'Loughlin, and opportunities for fans to honor their favorite star are listed in different languages on Alex O'Loughlin Online. The birthday campaign will end at midnight on August 23, so there's plenty of time to make a life-saving difference as a gift.

With the rigorous “Hawaii Five-O” shooting schedule in full swing, Alex O'Loughlin might wish for a day off with some quiet time, but since fans can't control those long hours, doing something that leads to longer life seems the most fitting way to celebrate. A donation to train or provide service dogs would be another loving gesture.