Cara Delevigne has said that gender stereotypes need to be gotten rid of and we need to stop thinking of everything as masculine or feminine. The 24-year-old star sat down with Vogue's Naomi Pike on Monday to speak about her role in the new sci-fi film "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets". Delevigne spoke candidly about Gender Stereotypes during the interview, saying that everyone has masculine and feminine qualities in them. The model and actress has a lead role in the film, alongside actor Dane DeHaan. Delevigne told Vogue that unlike other movies featuring romance, DeHaan was the "damsel in distress", reversing stereotypical gender roles.

Delevigne and DeHaan have on-screen chemistry that's hard to beat

Speaking about DeHaan, Delevigne said that their chemistry is not something you can fake. The star said that Dane's dedication to his work is really impressive and that his commitment to his role in "Valerian" was amazing, with the actor having spent 3 months prepping for the movie with regular workouts before they started filming. Delevigne plays the role of Laureline, whose star-crossed romance with Valerian (Dane) blossoms on-screen throughout the movie. This is not the first time that Delevigne and Dane have acted alongside each other. The two also star together in the independent drama film "Tulip Fever" which is due to be released on August 24.

Similarly, "Valerian" is also an independent and European film and is reportedly the most expensive film of its kind. DeHaan also spoke to Vogue, saying Delevigne's dedication to her work is mind-blowing and her ability to balance a various array of jobs in incredible. The actor said that Delevigne is fun to work with and that he would "light up" when she came on set.

Valerian was the biggest set Delevigne has worked on

Delevigne told Vogue that she was nervous before getting onto the set of "Valerian". The model turned actress said that she was starstruck and couldn't believe she was working alongside renowned actors, actresses, and musicians. French film director Luc Besson directed the movie, and Rihanna also has the role of an illegal immigrant alien, Bubble.

Speaking about working on set, Delevigne said that every day was enjoyable and that it didn't really feel like work. The star said Besson would come to set with a smile on his face and that they would spend the day laughing and having fun. Delevigne said that she hopes the world is like "Valerian" in the future, with everyone living in harmony with each other.