The second trailer for Besson’s new sci-fi gives a closer look at the film’s storyline and treats movie fans to all kinds of colorful aliens. The movie, from the director of "The Fifth Element", is set to hit theaters in July and if Besson has his way, it will be the first of two, maybe three more movies all pulling from the French comic serial adventures of Valerian And Laureline.

The film's trailer is fully loaded

This new trailer shows off more of the story, revealing that the duo is sent to Alpha — the titular “City of a Thousand Planets” — to help save the city from an unknown threat that could destroy it.

But as exciting as the trailer is, and as fully loaded as it seems, there’s a lot left to reveal. “Altogether there are more than 100 different aliens, and you have seen, like, five or six,” says Besson.

Talking to a jam-packed audience at the STXfilms presentation during CinemaCon in Las Vegas on Tuesday, the legendary sci-fi director revealed he had been thinking about making the film since he was ten. “I started reading Valerian and Laureline at the age of 10 but I never thought about filming it,” says Besson. “It was a big part of my childhood, The Fifth Element,” DeHaan told a group of reporters during the event.

The movie's trailer feature Avatar-like blue aliens tasking agents Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Delevingne) to be the guardians of their galaxies.

Plus, keep your eyes peeled for a cameo from Rihanna, donning a latex nurse's costume at an intergalactic cabaret. Their latest mission takes them to a sprawling metropolis that is home to countless alien species and cultures (hence the title of the movie), where there is all kind of action and derring-do to be found.

Check out the trailer

The trailer, which was shown twice at CinemaCon attendees, begins with a desert chase scene, propelling Valerian and Laureline into the City of a Thousand Planets. Check out all the action in the trailer above. "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" opens in theaters on July 21.