Teen Wolf” is in its final season and only nine more episodes are left to go before the curtain comes down on the MTV series. However, the network is in no mood to let go of the popular series and is thinking of a Reboot that would be presented in the form of a podcast. Though the makers are looking to bring in fresh faces for the majority of the cast, the current cast members are equally desirous of becoming a part of the proposed reboot.

Reboot an effort to keep franchise alive

President of MTV, Chris McCarthy has reportedly said that the story and characters of the show have reached their highest point and therefore, they are discussing plans with creator Jeff Davis to keep the series alive.

Admiring the technological evolution of media, he said that the beauty of internet has made it possible for the series to remain alive and they will be doing it through a podcast series which will be followed by a revival in few years.

Well, the challenge before the makers is to keep the spirit of the show intact which some say may not be possible if the reboot takes the shape of a podcast. However, McCarthy is hopeful of the podcast version doing the trick. He believes that the format will work because the network has always focused on young people and how they mature over the years. So, the podcast will bring in new faces, fresh issues faced by the youth along with stories and build the reboot version with their help.

He also posed faith in the creative genius of Davis and affirmed that he would be able to do it.

Current cast members all for comeback in reboot

While the “Teen Wolf” reboot is said to be looking for fresh faces, the original faces of the show are all for appearing in it. Tyler Posey who plays Scott on the MTV show recently said that he is desirous of being a part of everything that the show is in.

He also expressed admiration at the fact that he along with his co-actors has succeeded in creating a legacy of sorts for the supernatural drama. Cody Christian aka Theon also seconded his views and said that in case there is a story, he would love to tell it.

Apart from these two, other cast members of the show are also willing to appear in the reboot and they are happy with the idea of MTV keeping the franchise alive.

As for Jeff Davis, he has admitted that the reboot is not his brainchild and it is McCarthy who is so attached to the show that he does not want it to come to an end. However, he finds the attachment flattering and is also grateful to the huge fan base that the show has been able to build over all these six seasons.