French actor Jeanne Moreau was an inspiration to many people around the world. The actor first began worked back in the year 1947 and has been working tirelessly as an actor, screenwriter, and director ever since. Jeanne won many awards during her lifetime including a BAFTA, a Cesar Award and the Cannes Film Festival Award for best actor. The actor recently passed away at the age of 89 and members of the film industry will feel her absence strongly.

The actor has a lucrative career in the film industry

According to the Guardian, Jeanne Moreau had a long and memorable career in the film industry starting with her first theatrical debut in the year 1947.

Moreau worked with several critically acclaimed directors and actors during her lifetime and quickly became an idol in Hollywood.

Some of the movies that the actor was involved in are "Gas Oil", "Les Amants", "Lumiere" and most recently "Le Temps Qui Reste." According to the Guardian, Jeanne Moreau was an actor that was unlike anyone else. She was highly intellectual and brought something special to her performances. She will be deeply be missed by her family, friends and long-time fans.

Celebrities pay tribute to the actor

Both friends, celebrities, and fans have posted condolences and memories of the actor to various social media. According to the BBC, Madonna was among the masses to talk about the actor online.

Madonna released a statement online saying that she remembered the day she first got to meet Jeanne Moreau.

Madonna stated that Jeanne was her favorite actor and that there is no one like her in the world. She expressed her condolences to the star's family. Madonna clearly thought highly of Jeanne and looked up to her as an inspirational artist.

She was not the only celebrity to pay tribute to the actor.

The likes of Dame Helen Mirren and model Naomi Campbell also expressed their feelings about the passing of the famous French actor. Mirren who also posted a black and white picture of the actor online described Jeanne as both bold and beautiful.

Naomi Campbell offered a similar tribute to the actor stating that Jeanne Moreau was an idol for the young model.

She added a love heart to the comment and added that the actor can now rest in peace. Film Institutes around the world have also offered their condolences.

The actor's family have not made a comment in this difficult time however; one can assume that they are grateful for the support they have been receiving from both the public and their friends.