"Big Brother 19" fans know that all the planning and strategizing for who will be evicted all comes down to the vote. Things change on a dime in the house as they start to second guess themselves on who they are voting out. It is critical to ensure they have the right partners in the house and friends in the jury.

The following will contain "Big Brother 19" spoilers. If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut, don't continue to read.

The "Big Brother 19" house had a plan under Christmas' HOH. To get Mark backdoored, just as Paul had told them to.

Mark had talked to Christmas and Josh, explaining that he would be a number for them, and tried to make a deal. Christmas was not willing to deviate from Paul's agenda and stayed on course to backdoor Mark. The whole time, in the Diary Room, she made promises of a big move. She disappointed a lot of "Big Brother 19" viewers by not making a choice to implement her own plan to further her own game.

They don't want to upset Paul!

There are still rumblings and whispers in the "Big Brother 19" house of possibly saving Mark. Jason and Alex have talked both to Mark and alone. By keeping Mark, they would gain his loyalty. He would vote with them to further their agenda, not Paul's. Also, Mark is an awesome competitor.

He has shown several times that he can dominate physical competitions.

Here is the problem in trying to save Mark. Christmas is the current HOH in the "Big Brother 19" house. If Alex and Jason decided to keep Mark, they would need a fourth vote to make sure Matt leaves. They would have themselves and Kevin. Raven will vote to keep Matt because he is her showmance partner.

The other duo in the house is Christmas and Josh, so Josh won't go against Paul and Christmas. Of course, Paul wants Mark out because he realizes that he is a threat being a competition beast and generally a good guy. If they end up with a three-three vote, Christmas would make the decision of who goes to the Jury House. She is fully expected to do what Paul says as she has from the beginning.

Clearing the path to the win

There is one more houseguest that is in Paul's sights. He wants Kevin out. Once he gets his "Big Brother 19" minions to accomplish this, it will be down to the three duos and Paul, who has been working overtime to make himself invaluable to each. Raven and Matt aren't really contributing the game and haven't all season. They are votes for Paul and will eventually land in the Jury House.

Do you think Mark stands a chance at remaining in the "Big Brother 19" game? Are the houseguests giving Paul the win? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.