"Big Brother 19" fans saw Josh Martinez lose it the first week inside the house. He was emotional, irrational, and downright irritating. As America was learning who was who in the cast, Josh came out low in the polls. He hadn't shown anything worth getting behind to cheer him on.

Later in the season, after Paul had taken Josh under his wing, the fans of "Big Brother 19" saw yet another side of Josh when he played Paul's henchman. Paul instructed Josh to bully and antagonize Jessica and Cody. With the banging of pots and pans, singing, dancing, and tons of screaming, Josh got to work.

He has caused a lot of drama in the house and there was an impact outside as well. At one point, the Latin Times spoke out to say they were not happy with the way Josh was representing the Latino community.

The following will contain spoilers for "Big Brother 19." If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut, now is the time to stop reading.

Paul and Alex make a request of Josh

Paul has full control over the house and no one has noticed -- except for Mark -- and his attention to detail has won him a seat on the block with a huge target on his back. The "BB18" vet has everyone doing his dirty work and planned the next thing he needed Josh to do. Paul wants Josh to call out Kevin. He and Alex had a conversation with Josh about it and Paul was left with an answer he didn't expect.

Josh said he had no reason to call out Kevin. Also, he has respect for Kevin so he won't do it. No matter how they asked, or what they said, Josh held firm. He finally told Paul that he should call Kevin out. Paul assured him that when it was time, he would.

Josh getting more positive feedback than ever

Fans of "Big Brother 19" took to social media to discuss this conversation between the three houseguests.

Josh has lots of support. He is showing respect for Kevin, possibly partly because of his age, but he will not play a role in hurting Kevin. Fans are further stating how disappointed they are in Paul and Alex over this conversation. Kevin is a fan-favorite and has not caused an issue all summer. There is no need to attack him, just target him for eviction and play the game.

The members of the "Big Brother 19" house have been working on self-esteem and confidence with Josh. They have advised him on girl issues, friend issues, and learning to protect himself and not let others take advantage of him. It appears that Josh has been listening and has done some growing up this summer.