"Big Brother 19" fans have watched the vet Paul Abrahamian run the game all summer. Week after week, he orchestrates a plan and the majority get behind him to help pull it off. Of course, he has never seen eye-to-eye with Cody Nickson. As much as Team Cody would like to blame Paul for his upcoming eviction, Cody really brought it on himself with one of the worst social games in "Big Brother" history.

The "Big Brother19" house is at the point where the jury is beginning to form with the next eviction. Now that there are fewer occupants, Paul doesn't have to work so hard to keep up with everyone's moves.

He has seen that Alex, Jason, Christmas, Josh, and Maven are true blue. That means that Kevin fell out of Paul's good graces. What was once a promising alliance between the two is no longer a possibility now that Paul shared the secret of the anonymous buzzer for $25,000 on premiere night. Kevin is top dog on the shaky alliance member list, followed by Josh and Christmas, who just joined Elena and Mark.

Why would Paul start downsizing?

Well, after the double eviction there will be two jury members and nine remaining players in the "Big Brother 19" house. As a vet, Paul knows it is critical to get the ones out who are more likely to vote against him if he were on the block. If there are cracks in the relationship at all, a game decision has to be made and played out.

He needs to keep the majority in his pocket and under control by using reverse psychology. Instead of letting them know he knows what is best, as he has done all season, he now has to show them how he is of value to them in their journey to the finals. He has said that he has zero chance of winning "Big Brother 19."

There isn't the luxury of using votes for those he prefers to be around.

If he had been sending people home based on personality, Josh would have been gone. Joker's Updates reported numerous instances of Paul saying that he can't stand Josh, yet Josh is more likely to stay in line and avoid becoming a target.

Maven is riding the Paul train

Matt and Raven haven't added anything to the game either way.

Team Paul can depend on them to cast a vote for him and pull off plans with him, as Matt just did this week with the Power of Veto. The whole side sees it as well. There is a final five deal with Maven, Alex, Jason, and Paul. As the plan is now, one or both of them may not be there to celebrate that "Big Brother 19" milestone but Paul's chances are good.

What do you think of Paul's gameplay? Which of his targets do you want to save? Can any of them take Paul out?