"Big Brother 19" fans with live feeds have heard the talk of Jessica Graf possibly being pregnant. She and Cody have formed a showmance that they both want to continue beyond the walls of the "Big Brother" house.

The following will contain spoilers from the live feeds. If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut of "Big Brother 19," stop reading now.

Last week it was reported that Jessica Graf had entered the diary room to ask for birth control. From the conversation she had with Cody afterward, it sounded like she had also requested a morning after pill as well.

When they called her back in, she told Cody it was to get a pill she needed. She explained to him that she has a prescription for birth control, but had decided not to bring it to the "Big Brother 19" house. Jessica told him it would take two weeks for the medication to start working.

The "Big Brother 19" houseguests openly talk about absolutely everything on the live feeds. There are condoms available to them all in the storage room. From the conversations Jessica and Cody have been sharing, it sounds as though they had decided to take a risk rather than use the condoms that are on hand.

Talk of engagement as well.

Cody has made it clear to Jessica that he intends to propose marriage. Jessica feels the same about him but wants the opportunity to spend time together outside the "Big Brother" house.

She does not want to leave the game engaged, but she may be leaving pregnant.

The two have discussed baby names and calculated the possible due date. Cody told Jessica that when the game ends, she would be three months pregnant. All of this leads to the conclusion that the request for Jessica's birth control pill prescription came too late.

In another first, "Big Brother 19" may be the first season to result in the birth of a child.

Halting Hex will save them for another week.

Jessica is planning on using the Halting Hex at the live eviction to save both herself and Cody. This will give the two at least one more week together in the "Big Brother" house. If one of them, Mark, or Elena don't win the next Head of Household, it will be their final week in the game together.

Cody has painted a target on his back, and may as well have put flashing lights around it. The "Big Brother" houseguests will not miss a chance to evict him.

This season fans have an injured houseguest in the game with a cast. Christmas is unable to participate in some of the competitions. If it is confirmed that Jessica is pregnant, her game will be limited as well. Right now it is just rumors because the pregnancy confirmation has not come.