There is nothing but time to kill in the "Big Brother 19" house and Cody passes the time trying to learn more about Jessica. He wants to know more about her father, but she hasn't been willing to open up about how he earned a living. What she finally shares, is something no one saw coming.

The following contains "Big Brother 19" spoilers. If you want to be surprised by what may make the editorial cut for the show, now is the time to stop reading.

The houseguests have been locked in the "Big Brother" house for weeks, and Jessica has yet to really open up about her father.

She had said that he was the one that got her interested in the game, and they had watched the show together. When she won the Head of Household competition right after Cody won the Battle Back, she was emotional. It was the third anniversary of her father's death.

And the answer is...

Cody has made it clear that he plans to marry her. He wants to know everything about her, and with the live feeds going, that means America is learning a lot of intimate details about the "Big Brother" houseguest as well. He has been asking her what her father did for a living, and she has refused to answer. When he started to get upset, she finally relented. According to "Joker's Updates," at 2:06 PM PST on August 1st, Jessica answered the burning question.

She told Cody that her father had been a stripper and turned tricks for homosexual clients. (NOTE: To see the exact statement, go to "Joker's Updates" and select Quick View. Once there, scroll back in pages to 2:06 PM PST on Tuesday, August 1st.)

Fans weigh in on social media

Social media has blown up over Jessica's response.

Some "Big Brother 19" fans see it as something she said to stop the questioning. Other fans think it isn't true and whatever job he really did must have been pretty bad if Jessica said this instead. The actual comment Jessica made is so direct, it can't be quoted here, but fans on social media are posting the uncensored statement.

Many are appalled that Jessica would speak of her father, who has passed away, in that manner.

Jessica and Cody have been spending a lot of time alone in the "Big Brother" house. That doesn't mean they are staying clear of the drama, however. The two have frequent conversations about ruining someone's reputation or hurting their careers when the game is over. They have specifically mentioned both Josh and Paul as potential victims. Fans speaking out on social media are disgusted and sick of hearing the fat shaming and other personal statements they are saying about the other houseguests.